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The Puppy? Or the Wolf?
The Puppy? Or the Wolf?

Considering its namesake, it’s actually unsurprising that the show should end with another Murder to solve.

The [How To Get Away With Murder](series:1253258) season finale ended with Frank and Annalise standing next to Rebecca’s dead body wondering who did the deed when it’d be assumed she was in the wind.

But, surprise comes in expecting to be surprised by a Shondaland production, only to feel underwhelmed by the normalcy of things…well, normal for a crime drama anyway.

With the standards set by Shondaland and How to Get Away with Murder thus far, the show is expected to become more than its namesake, with fans appreciating a step away from a witty law class title, in order to really develop the narrative potential of the show.

The 2 hour finale presented a series of flashbacks to reveal that Rebecca was not Lila’s Killer; and whilst not directly at the hands of Sam, he indebted Frank to kill her on his behalf upon her refusal to abort their unborn child.

Also revealed in this episode, was Connor’s boyfriend; Oliver, testing positive for HIV, Asher’s growing curiosity, and Michaela’s renewed sense of worth.

It also seems that Laurel and Bonnie know more about Frank than they first let on.

Making up for this predictability, is the growing complexity of Keating and Co.

Michaela, whilst seeming more collected than ever this episode; resolved even, to do what is best for her – has revealed a teasing insight to her past with her previous instability that is likely to be explored further next season.

With significance placed on her and Frank over the last few episodes, and Connor rightly preoccupied, I’m looking at her or Frank who is not ‘that guy’, to be Rebecca’s killer.

With my feelings about Frank proven correct in regards to Lila’s murder, Shondaland proudly took things a step further in initiating an association between Frank and Sam. Although Obligatory, his loyalty to Annalise made this relationship a shocking one.

Frank isn't just Annalise's guy.
Frank isn't just Annalise's guy.

This brings about the question of whether Sam’s death will have more ramifications, than just Nate Lachey’s arrest.

Or is Wes involved in Rebecca’s death? Were his parallels to Rudy made not for the notion of connecting Rudy to Lila’s murder, but rather to foreshadow Wes’ murder of Rebecca?

The only thing that has me doubting Wes’ role in it would be the double bluff of him being the one to find Rebecca missing. Wes’ back-story as a co-protagonist, is too significant to be revealed in a second season – especially if the season is as short as this one.

On the other hand, the revival of Griffin seems like it could be significant. Like Rudy’s claw marks, the two seem to lay in wait for something plot shaking to arise.

With so many paths to explore, I’m excited to get some answers, and unequivocally, more questions in Season 2.

But first up to explore: Who is Eggs? Who killed Rebecca? And is Prosecutor Emily Sinclair, enough of a catalyst to keep Asher’s character relevant enough to avoid being written out?

How to Get Away with Murder returns this Fall!!


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