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Tim Curry's a strong (actor and) vocalist who can turn even ludicrous music numbers into regaling ballads. These four included. Sadly, Rocky Horror's tunes are excluded since they're intentionally silly and would easily make up this list.

4. Don't Fall in Love

In Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas Curry is a anthropomorphic pipe organ named Maestro Forte. During the Beast's pre-cursed days, Forte was an under-appreciated music conductor and before Belle permanently transformed (see what I did there?) the prince's life, he enjoyed composing instrumental pieces during Beast's brooding sessions.

So, in "Don't Fall in Love" Forte's trying to convince him to not fall for Belle. His notes shapeshift into baby cupids shooting arrows at Beast while Forte's lyrical rambling concludes that falling in love will drive Beast to drink and be driven mad like a poor demented dove.

3. Higgledy Piggledy

The king of internet memes--Nigel Thornberry originally had his own song in Rugrats Go Wild. "Higgledy Piggledy" was suppose to take place after Nigel hit his head and his first meeting with the babies would involve a musical romp. The overall song was basically him telling them to do what he does, randomly spout higgledy piggledy and knock them over with his butt. Fortunately, Rugrats Go Wild only decided to have one unnecessary tune in their film.

Begins at 3:39:

2. Don't Make Me Laugh

Drake was a penguin from The Pebble & The Penguin who most likely abused steroids and was determined to make Marina marry him. Flustered by her constant rejections, he broke out into a cheesy and bewildering musical number. Drake repeats the phrase in an unintentionally humorous fashion while dancing intimidatingly to scare her. The tune doesn't make sense. As the lyricist seemingly just found words that rhymed together and Drake and Marina did a brief tango in the middle of the song. On the positive side, it's not long and Tim manages to make it sound remotely entertaining.

1. Toxic Love

This song is just... wrong. I'm actually surprised that this managed to squeeze in a family oriented movie unnoticed. Ferngully's villain Hexxus is described on the film's Wiki page as being, "the spirit of pollution and destruction." After being released from a tree, Hexxus feeds on a construction machine's smoke and becomes reinvigorated. It's no doubt sexual, as he orgasms a couple of times before singing and there are quite a few erotic allusions. Hexxus goes on to describe the sumptuous resources of waste and how he's going to destroy nature. The extended version also includes him getting "horny" about relishing his destruction. And all that mixed in with egg chow mein sounds... weird. Yet, this song is a guilty pleasure for me and I love its over-the-top execution.

Below is the longer version:


Which song is the most ridiculous?


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