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I've been racking my brain for days, trying to find the perfect replacement for Robert Downey Jr., which is no small feat might I add. I took a small break and drifted off to YouTube, where I had a revelation. These guys sit in front of a camera for hours, they have a lot of fans, and the well-known ones make respectable money. Quite similar to actors no? This opened the door to many possible casting decisions, and the following is what I ended up with.

Iron Man - Mark Fischbach (AKA Markiplier)

There's a reason that the Marvel Cinematic Universe started out with Iron Man. He's smart, professional, and man is funny. He wraps up all that we love about super-heroes and presents it as one big titanium-alloy mass. Over the past couple years, Stark has become known for his wit more than anything. Even in dire circumstances, Stark is known to have a catch-phrase or sarcastic gimmick to lighten the mood.

For this reason, Mark would make an amazing Iron Man. Sure he doesn't come off as the most professional in the world, but he doesn't need to. He is smart, he is likable, and he is extremely funny. Everyday that I hang out with my gamer friends, Markiplier gets mentioned in one way or another, mostly because of a hilarious video he had just posted. Not only does he have the Tony Stark look down, he has the Stark spirit down as well.

Mark is a well-known gamer on YouTube, recently hitting over 6 million subscribers. He is very well known for making popular Let's Play videos of the extremely popular Five Nights At Freddy's franchise, along with numerous other horror and action games.

Captain America - Anthony Padilla

Steve Rodgers is a legend. Decades before the Avengers were even assembled, he made a name for super-heroes by fighting the forces of Hydra. Once the Avengers were assembled, he worked well with other heroes, banding together to focus more deadly foes. He is stern, hardworking, and overall he is a good guy.

Anthony has many similarities with Steve. Anthony is part of one of the largest YouTube channels ever, that claimed it's place as the most popular channel several years ago. He and his good friend Ian Hecox gained a massive reputation since the earlier years of YouTube, and they remain just as legendary today. While he isn't as stern and serious as Steve, he is a great guy, and he would make a magnificent leader of the Avengers.

Anthony is half of the legendary comedy-channel Smosh, which has racked-up over 19 million subscribers! They specialize in comedy sketches and the occasional music video, and they also have a popular gaming channel called Smosh Games.

The Hulk - Ray William Johnson

I made this choice after I saw Ray play Goku in Goku vs. Superman from the Epic Rap Battles of History. When I saw his angry face at the beginning, I knew he could make the perfect Banner. His glasses give him that perfect smart-guy look, and he could more than pull of the Hulk-side of things.

Ray is an internet vlogger that specializes in comedy. His YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers!

Thor - Felix Kjellberg (AKA Pewdiepie)

This one may have been the biggest wild-cards at my disposal, which is ironic considering that Felix currently has the most popular channel on YouTube! Felix isn't a large, burly mans-man like Thor, but Felix could definitely pull it off. It would be a major change for him,but he could do it. In his videos he is often silly and somewhat immature, but he's capable of being serious if he needs to be.

Felix is the Swedish YouTube gaming sensation commonly known as Pewdiepie. He is currently the most popular YouTuber with more than 35 million subscribers!

Hawkeye - Nice Peter

I actually had the most trouble with this pick, but I honestly believe that I made the right choice. Peter has that cool, collected vibe that you really need to play this master archer. Peter is a bit more laid-back than Hawkeye, but he has the tall, lean stature that Hawkeye has. I for one would love to see Peter get brain-washed by Loki and end up fighting Anthony, Mark, and Felix. Just take my money already!

Peter is most known as one of the brilliant masterminds behind Epic Rap Battles of History, which has over 11 million subscribers!

Black Widow - Jenna Marbles

Black Widow is mysterious and dangerous. If you say hi to her the wrong way, you'll end up regretting it quickly. She is professional and precise, ready to get the job done no matter the cost.

Jenna is none of these things. She's funny, unprofessional, and downright vulgar at times. However, I still think she would make an amazing Black Widow. She has the athleticism to pull of the ninja moves that Black Widow has become known for, and she is overall just an enjoyable person to watch!

Jenna has the one of the most popular channels on YouTube, where she posts amazing comedy videos.

Loki - Joshua Ovenshire (AKA The Jovenshire)

Even though he is the least-known YouTuber on this list (sorry Joven), there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wanted Joshua as this cast-pick. He is known to be funny, somewhat-smart, and extremely mischievous at times. In fact, when gaming-comedy channel The Warp Zone made a series of videos around the video-game Smite, they chose Joshua to play Loki. Loki is quiet, cunning, and misunderstood. While Joven is a bit more out-spoken than Loki, he is surely cunning and strategic.

Joshua is known as The Jovenshire on YouTube, both on his own channel and as one of the members of Smosh Games. He also appeared on season 1 of the TBS game show King of the Nerds.


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