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Admittedly, this is my first article ever and I'm a much bigger DC fan, so there could be countless errors within the article. However, I do thoroughly enjoy Marvel movies. Well, most of them. *Cough cough* Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance. Anyway, let's get started!

Captain America

With Steve Rogers being my favorite Avenger, I might have a personal bias to him. However, the person who I think could best represent Rogers is Chris Pine

Whether as James Tiberius Kirk in the Star Trek reboot or in comedies like Horrible Bosses 2, Chris Pine always offers a fresh performance. This would certainly combat Steve's dry personality


Admittedly, I don't know many British actors that could really fill the role of Thor. Besides maybe one: Charlie Hunnam

First off, Charlie Hunnam is English. So, that works. Secondly, he has an appearance similar to that of Hemsworth. Lastly, with some physical training, he could look like Thor. He'd also bring in a lot of Sons of Anarchy fans.

The Hulk

For the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, we'd need someone who isn't very physically imposing and needs to look intelligent. That's why we need Benedict Cumberbatch

Not only does he look fantastic for the role and has played very intelligent people, he'd also have great on-screen chemistry with Chris Pine, his Star Trek co-star. Let's just hope Chris Pine doesn't start screaming "KHAN!" on screen....he shouldn't because that was Spock who did it in the movie, but who knows? And hey, maybe for a Hulk voice recast I'll go with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Iron Man

For the role of Tony Stark, an attractive playboy type of guy is needed. That's why Leonardo DiCaprio is a great choice

He certainly looks the role, and I could certainly imagine him as Stark. Hey, maybe he'd finally win an Oscar with this one.

Nick Fury

This is gonna be a serious curveball guys: for this one I'm going with pre-2000s Nick Fury. That's right, before he was black. Don't worry, for the purpose of this recast I'm going with the ultimate badass: Chuck Norris.

Enough said, right?

Black Widow

For the role of the Russian assassin Natalia Romanova, we must go with someone beautiful beyond words: Charlize Theron

Obviously you'd need to dye her hair red for the role, but I think she'd be an excellent Black Widow.


For Clyde Barton, I'd like to see Matt Damon fill his shoes

Sure he might be a bit old, but "talented" doesn't even begin to describe Matt Damon. He is absolutely fantastic in all of his movies. P.S, Green Arrow > Hawkeye


I doubt I'll ever understand the obsession with Spiderman, but since he could be in the movie I did a recast anyway. Since all of my recast is white thus far, let's go with Miles Morales and not Peter Parker. So, Donald Glover is my best choice

Not only is he a great fit for the role, but he already badly wants to play Miles! It's a perfect match.

So, what'd you guys think? Good recast or bad?


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