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Recent casting news that Howard Wolowitz is getting a sibling has me perplexed.

For those who don’t know, entertainment news outlets have been reporting that actor Matt Bennett, will guest star in the April 9th episode of [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751), The Fortification Implementation.

Bennett, a regular on the teen sitcom Victorious, is slated to play Josh who shares a father with Howard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the appearance is a one-time thing for the time being.

It is unknown if the adding of a Wolowitz family member is to lay the groundwork for Howard on a trek to find his long-lost father.

The seemingly sudden decision to introduce Josh to The Big Bang Theory obviously comes on the heels of Howard’s heard-but-never-seen mother (played brilliantly by the late Carol Ann Susi) passing away.

Here’s what has me scratching my head.

The eighth season is well-underway (it started late due to the contract renegotiation of the cast) and there aren’t many remaining episodes.

There is no doubt the passing of Ms. Susi has them reeling. Her performances were highly unique and great. Something for which there really is no replacement.

Still, with the show advancing in age (but still great) why not lay out the groundwork for a number of other storylines, such as:

  • Will Penny and Leonard be engaged forever?
  • Will Sheldon and Amy advance their relationship or at least finding out what bedrooms are for besides sleeping together?
  • Which of the show’s couples will be the first to become parents?
  • Will Penny get a last name?
  • And, finally, will the elevator in the apartment building ever get fixed?

These questions alone, if they carry any weight with the powers that be, are probably worth forty to fifty episodes. They couldn’t and shouldn’t be rushed but there should be a feeling like the storylines have a sense of momentum.

The characters are no longer kids. The actors are getting older. Jim Parsons will soon turn forty-two. Johnny Galecki and Mayim Bialik are approaching forty. Most of the others are in their thirties. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is the youngest cast member. She turns thirty in November.

My point is, it’s time to further the maturity of the characters.

What do you think?

Matt Bennett will play Josh.
Matt Bennett will play Josh.
Howard gets a bro...
Howard gets a bro...

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