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It feels like it was just yesterday when a new Fantastic Four teaser was released. As time winds down towards the release it feels like more and more people are caring less and less, but people don't realize that this one movie in of it self can make or break the Fox vs. Marvel battle once and for all.

When we think of movies like the Avengers or X-Men what's the one thing that stands out? Character! It's something the Fantastic Four have plenty of and if it isn't played up the right way we may end up with yet another property coming back to the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the Fantastic Four you have dynamic characters like The Thing who has to deal with a complete physical change and tries to fit into society when he feels like an outcast. You have Reed Richards who carries the guilt of transforming his friends into monsters and does everything he can to make sure they make a difference in the world. The two characters who are wild cards in this game for me are Johnny and Sue Storm, because of their rebooted origin we'll find out what their relationship will be. Regardless of what it is the Fantastic Four reboot will still be interesting because you have Michael B. Jordan who isn't new to the superhero game and Miles Teller who proved to all of his in Whiplash that he isn't scared to go that extra mile to bring a character to life.

Now if this reboot actually does well (which I'm really hoping it does) it could set Fox as the next IT studio for producing comic book movies. As of right now we have Disney and Warner Brothers both feuding for the number one spot for best producer of comic book movies but when you really think about it WB has only really had success with two of it's characters whereas Marvel has expanded it's universe over the past 10 years of making films with teams of characters and now is expanding it's way into TV with shows (via Netflix) like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, A.K.A. Jessica Jones and The Defenders.

Although WB/CW has brought their universe to life in shows like Arrow and Flash they still have yet to master the cinematic universe of bringing heroes together. DC/WB feels like that "cool" kid in high school who drove the Trans-AM and rocked a mullet in the 80s' sure he was cool back in the day when he was a big fish in a small pond but now he's a small fish in an ocean of superhero movies that are more watchable than anything they produced back then (and yes I say this as a die hard Batman fan).

In a roundabout way I'm saying that with the iteration of a new Fantastic Four movie the world of comic book movies can change forever, maybe for the best, maybe for the worst but as the main man Stan says himself, "Excelsior!"


Are you excited for the new Fantastic Four reboot?


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