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Julian Bahmani

Another week, another contest! There was an insane amount of amazing entries and I had a blast reading everyone's imaginative super hero battles. Alas there can only be 5 winners.

Drumroll please...

Our 5 winners are:

John Carter for his visceral depiction of a clash between Superman and Thanos

Matthew Bailey for his tense matchup between Iron Fist and Deathstroke

Bridget Serdock for her exciting battle between Batman and Deadpool

Micah Nebeker for his incredibly detailed account of The Hulk vs Superman

Fluffy Duckerman for his supremely clever, 4th wall breaking fight between Deadpool and The Joker

Once again, a great job all around to everyone who participated! It's pretty clear that the age-old question of Marvel vs. DC is still a hot topic and as fans we can only hope that one day we'll get to see these match ups come to life.

Also, don't forget that we have new contests every week and I'm looking forward to reading more and more of your amazing posts!


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