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Some men just want to watch the world burn.
Julio Gordillo

One of the greatest heroes in all history is batman. The dark knight has saved Gotham from attacks of the joker, scarecrow, bane, etc. But some say that if batman don't exist Gotham would be safer. When Batman appear the people of Gotham wasn't sure if batman was good or bad, then the people of Gotham realize that batman was the hero they want and they deserve. But what if he isn't?

People say that if that batman don't exist villains like the joker or two face wouldn't exist. Since Bruce Wayne became batman many of the most evils characters of Gotham have appeared. But who are they?

1-DR. Hugo Strange

DR. Hugo Strange is obsess with batman, sometimes he dreams to be batman, but i don't blame him, who wouldn't? He's one of the first villains that discovered batman identity. He make horrible plans in order to see batman fail.

2- Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)

I'm using the character from he movie because some how was fault of batman, and if you see the movie he bring chaos to Gotham and nearly kills Gordon's son. He don't appear the hole movie as a villain but the time he does he kill a lot of people.

3- Hush

Thomas Elliot was a friend of Bruce Wayne when he was a child, years later his hate star to grow for Bruce and when he discover that Bruce was batman, he decided to operate his face, and became Hush.

4- Jason Todd

The fallen robin, joker kill him and he return to life but when he saw that batman didn't kill the joker he star to hate him. his only purpose? Kill batman no matter what.

5- The Joker

The clown prince of crime, a decision that he took make him became the red hood, batman stopped them but he fall into chemicals and become what he is know. He had kill a lot of people, causing many damage to Gotham and batman's biggest fault.

This are some of examples of villains that batman "create". But they are responsible of Gotham's worst days. After these, Batman is the hero Gotham deserve?

Thank you for watching! Batman is the hero Gotham deserve? Yes or no, leave your comment below!!!


Don't get me wrong, I love batman!


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