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Yes, The Matrix's fighting was cool and The Hobbit's fighting was exciting. But when I say "fighting," I'm not talking about anti-gravity or hobbit vs. dwarf. I'm talking about the real stuff - taking into account pressure points and the fact that it takes thirteen pounds of pressure to break a bone type of stuff. I'm talking about REAL fighting (hence the "actual" in the title of this article).

Though words like "karate" and "kid" come to mind, a not-so-subtle crane kick is not exactly good fighting. So where can someone find actually well thought out fight scenes? My first choice: Jack Reacher. With about seven years of Karate experience speaking, Jack Reacher's fighting style is very much like the Karate style I'm used to seeing (and love to see). Of course, I believe Tom Cruise's tendency to take his movie roles to their zenith had an influence, but the style of fighting the makers chose had a part.

The second reason I chose this movie as one of the best, realistic fighting movies is because you can actually see the fighting! Many movies, such as Taken, make the scene so jumbled with so many close shots that you can hardly tell what is going on.

However, there is one major flaw in Jack Reacher, and that is the awful bathroom fight scene:

First, I just want to point out that he probably should of heard two idiots sneak inside an old house and wander down a skinny hallway. But I do want to congratulate Reacher for using the thumb in the eye technique - you just don't see that kind of class anymore.

However, this scene is pure Kenpo Karate gold:

Another movie I find fighting value in is Sherlock Holmes.

During the making of this movie, Robert Downey Jr. encouraged the other actors, as well as the people training him, to actually hit him (to make the scenes more realistic - I think he succeeded). I do want to point out that Holmes' form could be better, but for two drunks, Holmes' fighting is great.
BONUS: in this particular movie, you get a step-by-step tutorial on how to wound people! Yay!

A third that is near and dear to my heart is The Bourne Trilogy (with Matt Damon, of course). Now, this particular scene out of The Bourne Supremacy has some of the tight, jumbled shots that make it hard to see what it going on, but it's not as bad as others.

What I mainly judge my choices on are my experiences in fighting as well as whether or not there is extra, pointless moves thrown into a fight. Sure, they look cool, but if a movie is attempting to be realistic - how much can they really be adding?

What do you think?


Which do you like the best?

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