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Like many of you I was thrilled when Agents of Shield first premiered a year ago. Jumping off of the Avengers, I felt like it had solid ground to emerge and to expand upon from the Marvel universe. However, I was unimpressed with the first season and only slightly more impressed with the second season. The series improved after Hydra took over but it was still lacking heart and soul. After long consideration, I've come to the conclusion that one of the reasons the series is hollow is that it's a show about saving the world, the problem being, that you never see said world.

Every week Phil Coulson's team saves the world from some impending doom. But when was the last time we actually had a chance to see the people saved? I'm not saying we need to see each and every person in the world, that would just be pointless. We do however need to see someone and make a emotional connection with them. Think about it, you never really see civilians on the show. We are usually confined to the 'bus' for a good part of the episode. All we ever see is the team and the evil doers. When you don't give a face to the 'world', you neglect to setup the severity of situation. 'Saving the world' looses its meaning and by default it's gravity.

In the episode 'Seeds' we do get a glimpse of civilians (sort of), but the problem is we only see them. We don't build a connection with them in any way. Take any action movie, there's always the scene where the super hero saves the child and returns him/her to a parent. This plot device to is show the people affected, if only briefly. Sure, there are other ways to illustrate the depth of the situation, but that is an example. Several shows have centered an episode around a civilian to help build an emotional bond with the audience. For example, the Doctor Who episode 'Blink' was centered around Sally Sparrow instead of the Doctor. Through Sally we were able to see the effects of the Whovian universe on a regular person instead of a time lord who is used to the world crumbling around him. The Doctor is used to aliens and evil doers, Sally is not, so it makes it more of a challenge.

It's always a fantastic idea to shake up a show by altering the formula a bit. It keeps the show from getting stale and the audience from being shut into just one POV. An episode from the point of view of Fitz or Simmons would be a welcome change in the pace of the show. *Hint Hint* Aside from just shaking things up, it would provide time for character building and bonding with audience.

Before everyone jumps on me, there have been some wonderful parts of the show. Some really awesome cameos have happened, like Lady Sif. Other that her general bad-ass-ness, she helped to remind us that there are other worlds and storylines still going on even though all we are seeing is the Shield world. With the Marvel universe being so expansive it's easy to forget about them. The show needs more reminders about other storylines, else we will slowly start to forget.

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