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Well you gotta give it to Stan Lee; he is already the man associated with most Marvel comics, plus he's given the credit for the creation of most of Marvel's infamous superheroes and villains. The man is now 92 years old and he's still creating stories and new characters in this new mobile game: Stan Lee's Hero Command.

I was able to chat with Jeff Hardy of F84 Games who worked with Stan Lee on this game and asked him a few fun questions:

What can you tell us about the game?

It's a three person action adventure. You can choose which character stories you play, grow the characters to go further in story. My personal favorite is the Twins. They're so unique! They've been raised in a circus so a large part of their powers play off of each other's acrobatic abilities.

It's fun because it features Stan Lee as your Commander, Trainer and Narrator as the game evolves. We've put a lot of fun into the initial game with over 300 missions and more still coming down the road!

What part of the game are you most proud of?

As a whole it’s a pretty significant accomplishment. It’s beautiful, the story plays really well. We wanted to make something unique and lighthearted as opposed to something dark, it’s a very comedic game so we could have a lot of fun with it. The characters are fun and different.

Also, because it'll be an ongoing game, we're constantly working on more heroes, villains and more stories for future updates!

How was working with Stan Lee? What was the biggest thing you learned from him?

I've considered myself an artist all my life, I've always loved to draw and create, so to work with a man who so largely influenced my childhood, and someone who's a huge part of our entertainment today was pretty amazing. Initially two of my designers and I sat down with with Stan about this project and he was telling us the things that make a great hero, and when we left we were starstruck at how lucky we were to work with this talented man, we consider ourselves very fortunate.

One thing that really stuck out to me, that I've learned, is the value of story. We wanted the game to be light and fun, with great graphics, interesting characters, but what was really important to us was creating strong characters with backgrounds, origins and problems and focusing a lot on the story of the ongoing game. We felt very lucky to work with him in this adventure and to have his input on tweaks in both design and story.

If you could have superpowers for a day, and have an epic Team Up with any superhero, who would you choose and what would you do?

Iron Man for sure, like I said I'm an artist and that man can just create anything he wants (Of course he can, he has an endless expense account)! If we spent a day together, I think it would be fun to just play in his garage and build some crazy shit together! That would be pretty epic!

Well I'm pretty excited to start playing this game! It sounds pretty fantastic! Stan Lee's involvement make this game a must have for any superhero fan. Mix that in with how awesome the story in the game is going to be, and it's very possible that we could be seeing the start of a new epic universe being created. One that could become a staple of pop culture and be around for years and years!

Make sure to download Stan Lee's Hero Command NOW!


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