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 New Echelon

Okay we all know that Marvel has been keeping the story line true to it's comic book roots, with minor changes here and there to it's cinematic counterparts. But there's one Easter egg I think you guys missed, and that's when our hero entered that worm hole in Avengers setting up the plots for Civil War and Secret Invasion and this is why I say this. Let's fast forward to Iron man 3 where we all think that Tony is suffering from an innocent panic attack. But what if it's something more sinister than that.

Let me enlighten you a little more what if the boy in the restaurant was a chitari as well jump starting the chitari programmed Tony Stark into the 1st phase of his mission. Divide and conquer when he mentioned the phrase wormhole and more importantly why would a child whisper that into his ear when he could've just asked him straight out. We know that the divide and conquer scenario is now taking place in Civil War, remember from the comic the chitari was programmed to think that he was the real Tony Stark in order to carrying out his plan without a hitch.

They are unruly and can't be ruled, Tony might have given Thanos the perfect piece to divide earth's mightiest heroes. Himself because we all know that a few seconds in space is like hours here on earth and those few seconds was all Thanos needed. What do you guys think.


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