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(Warning: im from Mexico and my english isn't PERFECT) Robert Downey Junior IS Ironman, he can't be replaced. But if he doesn't exist, i would choose this guy as Ironman. Lady's and Gentleman, here's our new Tony Stark!

Michael Fassbender!

Yup, that's Magneto from X-Men: First Generation
Yup, that's Magneto from X-Men: First Generation

Here's why:

1- He played the Young version of Magneto in “X-men: First Generation” And “X-men: Days of future past” So i think he can do a great job as Tony Stark!

2- He looks like Tony Stark. And he also looks like a businessman, and Tony Stark IS a businessman!

3- He’s not SO Young, but he’s not old either, just like Tony Stark. (I don’t know how old tony Stark is, but im sure he’s not older than 45 years old)

Now, let's talk about Captain America! This guy should replace Chris Evans as Captain America! Don't get me wrong, Chris Evans is awesome as Steve Rogers, but this guy would be BETTER:

Stephen Amell

OMG! The Arrow!
OMG! The Arrow!

Here's why:

1- He plays Green Arrow in “Arrow” he does a great Job as an Anti-Heroe, why not as a Super heroe?

2- He Knows Martial Arts.

3- He has the looks! When i saw this picture i thought Steve Rogers came out from the comic books! He looks just like him!

What about Thor? It was hard to find a new Thor because i didn't know any actor that looks like him, so i picked the most OBVIOUS reason:

Liam Hemsworth


Here's why:

1- He’s Chris Hemsworth’s brother! Who could be a better choice than him?

2- He has the looks (Kinda)

3- He has been in a lot of acción movies! Like “The Hunger Games” , “The Last Song”, “The Expendables 2”. Did you here that? THE EXPENDABLES!


And now i would like to talk about Black Widow.

It was REALLY hard to found a new Black Widow; but then i watched "Resident Evil" and i find our new BLACK WIDOW!

Milla Jovovich!

Not sure if i should be scared, or fall in love! D:
Not sure if i should be scared, or fall in love! D:

Here's why:

1- She was in “resident evil” and she was a total badass, she can do the same with Black Widow!

2- She Knows Martial Arts!

3- She has the looks (i actually think she would be better as Black Widow than Scarlett Johansson)

4- She's very hot! Black Widow is supossed to be hot! (Don't get me wrong, Scarlett Johanson is hot too, but in MY opinion, Milla is hotter)

It's time to talk about Hawkeye! I never found an actor that looks like Hawkeye, but Jeremy Renner doesn't look like him either so i choosed someone that i would LIKE to see as Hawkeye:

Here's another X-Men!
Here's another X-Men!

Here's why:

1- He was Cyclops in “X-men 1.5” “X-men 2” “X-men The last stand” and “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”

2- He doesn’t look like hawkeye, but the original one doesn’t look like him either, and it’s HAWK-EYE not EYES and he’s Cyclops so… IT’S PERFECT!

And here's the last Avenger: The Incredible Hulk!

Henry Cavill

whaaaaaat? Another DC  Superheroe?
whaaaaaat? Another DC Superheroe?

Here's Why

1- Look at that picture and imagine Henry with a Green Skin! He looks like The Hulk! (With beard)

2- He played Superman in “Man Of Steel” He’s playing Superman in “Batman v. Superman” If he can play Superman, he can play the Hulk!

3- He looks like a nice guy, just like Bruce Banner. But I’m sure no one wants to be close to him when he gets mad! He’s like the real life Hulk (See the picture, AGAIN! That’s scary!)

Yes, there is TWO X-Men; two DC characters; an Expendable; and Milla Jovovich! This can't get better!

So? What do you think? Is this the perfect casting (Ironman doesn't count)


So? What do you think? Is this the perfect casting (Ironman doesn't count)


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