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Hello true believers, I'm Taylor Estremera and this is my fan recasting of the mighty Avengers!!!! This article will be a very quick analysis on each actor/actress I chosen to be this group of heroes. So let's get cracking and run our quick analysis of who should be these amazing characters!!! Let's go!

Matt Bomer: Tony Stark/Iron Man

No one can ever replace RDJ as our best and most favorite avenger, quite honestly the best thing Marvel has ever done! Now here's why I chose this guy. I don't much about this actor or or his career but I have found several fan casting articles where he was picked to be our armored avenger. He clearly has the look even though he's younger than RDJ and could be the one who can really be a great Tony Stark, but I'll you be the judge. So that's your Iron Man!

Viggo Mortensen:Steve Rogers/Captain America

Chris Evans will always be the best-no the greatest Captain America ever, I would love to be in a movie with him one day. Anyway I pick him because of the amazing role he played in Lord of the Rings, he was awesome in those films, humble, strong and shows amazing leadership, plus he has live a long time(in the sense he's another soldier out of time)and a hardcore fighter and awesome speech maker. So that's your star stanged avenger.

Karl Urban: Thor

I love Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Odinson. Lovable, awesome and lots of fun, I would love to be in a movie with him!! But who is worthy to wielded the mighty hammer, Mjolnir? Well it has chosen this man and here's why. Like Viggo, he's another Lord of the Rings star and this time he was a prince who he and his sister (who also lost their brother in the 2nd film)lived with their uncle and next in line(I guess in a see sense). By the look of him, now to think about it, he almost did look like Chris with the long blond hair and that battle damaged look of him like he just went though a fight. Tough, strong and one fierce fighter, he is one of the best examples of a great prince of Asgard!!!

Kristanna Loken: Natasha Romanova/Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson is the best when being the toughest avenger(sorry Hulk and Thor) there ever is, smart, fast, beautiful but deadly, she's a force to be reckon with. She is one of most favorite actress ever and one of my favorite avengers too, I wish for the best for her. But who should be this one tough cookie? Why look no further but I picked Kristanna Loken and here's why. She has been in several action movies including Terminator 3, and she has proven herself to be one tough female that no one so ever face. So here's your Black Widow.

Chris Pine: Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner is an amazing Hawkeye no matter how long his screen time he had in the first film and I can't wait see him again in AoU!!! But who else should be the avenging archer? Well I pick this guy, why? Because he played parts where he's known to be arrogant, hardheaded type(if you have seen him in Star Trek) which would make him a pretty obvious person to pick as the wisecracking archer. But recently he's been rumored to be the new Hal Jordan for the Green Lantern reboot so though it's possible, I think he'll make a better Hal Jordan than Barton but you guys will be the judge about this.

Nicholas Hoult:Bruce Banner

Mark Ruffalo is the best alter ego of the green goliath, he and RDJ make a great science bros pair in the movie and can't wait to see more of it in AoU!!! But for now here is who I picked to be this character is Nicholas Hoult. Now I know he was Beast in Xmen: first class and days of future past but the way he looks and transforms into his furry form, he could make a younger Bruce since he's a bit younger than Ruffalo but still can be a good candidate of the part.

Fred Tatasciore: The Hulk(voice)

I think it's pretty obvious who should be the voice of the strongest human(and clearly most favorite avenger ever)of the planet and this guy fits the bill. He is my most favorite voice over of the Hulk, to me he's the definite Hulk and the one most use in TV, games and animated movies, when I read Hulk comics, that voice is the first that comes to my mind and I'm so grateful that this guy got this charcter and still voicing the jolly green goliath! Keep on impressing me Fred, and don't stop smashing!

And there it is, my version of the Avengers, it wasn't easy but it was worth my time making my first article! I hope you guys would like this, I don't care if this is the best thing you've ever seen but I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this! Se you later dudes, Excelsior!


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