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He's a mean motherfuck*r!
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I'm very happy to announce my Joker Versus Deadpool fanfiction won the contest. I was glad that I had the opportunity to express my passion for these two characters and I am filled with joy to know that people enjoyed my story.

The episode opens as it left off. Ra's Al Ghul wants Oliver to take his place as the head of the League Of Assassins. Oliver leaves to contemplate his decision and gets Diggle and Merlyn out alive. We all know this isn't over.

After Nyssa refuses to kill her, Thea is forced to look after Merlyn while he recovers. As this half of the season has progressed, Team Oliver has become more competent and I get the feeling they don't need Merlyn anymore. I believe that it would be more satisfying that Malcolm wasn't as involved in Ra's' defeat.

The tension between Laurel and Quentin has gotten worse with him doubting he will ever forgive her. Quentin also "breaks up" with Arrow, being aware that he knew about Sara's death. I'm assuming that Quentin's man-hunt will have more to it than just Sara's death.

The Arrow's tension with Quentin, Thea's problems with Merlyn and Ray and Felicity dating causes Oliver to consider being Ra's Al Ghul. While Oliver does have a point with how ineffective the Arrow's methods are, it's clear that Oliver's reasons for giving up are far more personal. I totally agree with him but he would be letting down everyone that believes in him, especially John and Felicity.

The crime subplot this episode featured Murmur. A man who has his lips sewn together to achieve "inner peace". He intends on stealing diamond tipped bullets (because that's totally a thing) so he can get revenge on the police who had arrested him. This subplot is greatly overshadowed by everything else that is going on in the episode so I don't feel very invested.

Nyssa is not happy that Oliver gets to become the next Ra's Al Ghul as would be assumed. She slices Ra's hand and gives us the reveal of the Lazarus Pit that heals Ra's' wound. I'm glad that Arrow is delving into the supernatural, we might get to see more of it in the fourth season. Nyssa feels down and decides to talk to Laurel, in their conversation it shows the potentials of them becoming besties, or lovers. Just a thought. Ra's goes on his own quest as he dresses up as the Arrow, which looked quite amusing and frames him for various murders. No wonder Quentin is pissed at Oliver.

The flashback sequence shows Oliver protecting Maseo's son Akio. I was quite pleased to see Oliver comforting Akio with false stories of his sister. At the end of the sequence, Oliver runs into Shado. Looks like Deathstroke no longer has a reason to hate Oliver, or does he? I feel like this is the sort of thing you tell your nemesis as he is on the verge of plummeting a sword through your own mother.

This was a fairly decent episode. The flashbacks were handled well, Laurel and Quentin's relationship wasn't too over the top and Oliver's contemplation of Ra's' offer seems reasonable. I suppose Murmurs underdeveloped plot was necessary for everything else to come together. Things are about to start ramping up.


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