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Spoiler Warning: If you have not seen this episode and you do not want to know what happens...Do Not Read Ahead!!!

We begin the episode with exactly where we left off last week. With the sword of Ra's Al Ghul at Oliver's throat, followed by the offer to take his place.

Ra's Al Ghul

In this weeks episode, we get to start digging into the history of "The League" and what it means to be Ra's Al Ghul. Just before this point, in the show, we knew very little to almost nothing about where "The League" came from or what they do. And with episode we get a bit of a glimpse into that. We do learn that, when all people enter, they are looking guidance, which in turn they are given, but they are when you are expected to die for the name of Ra's. Also, one thing that we got to see, that most people were wanting to see was the Lazarus Pit.

Oliver's Decision

After the offer was initially made, Oliver denied it at first. But as the episode went on, Oliver starts to question himself. Should he take the title of Ra's Al Ghul? If so, what good would he be able to do? But as we all expected, in the end, he didn't accept the offer.

I was really great to great to see Felicity back in usual roll from the past 2 seasons, being that moral compass for Oliver. i believe that it has been relatively understood that a lot has happen since the mid-season finale, but it was good to see her is a familiar place to remember why we all love the character so much.

Quentin Lance

For Captain Lance, can we really blame him for wanting to shut out Team Arrow? After all, they did keep the death of Sarah from him for a very long time. This will make for an interesting story development for the next few episodes. Because he is angry with Team Arrow, looks like Lance will find a reason to hunt them down.


With the last few episodes, since the mid-season finale, it has felt as if Arrow had lost its footing. But that's what happen when the of the show isn't around, at least in present day, for a few episodes. This episode did have some great moments, but there were about a seen or two that didn't feel to necessary to have. Also, it looks as if the show is reaching a point of starting to show the viewership what the consequences are of making bad decisions, even if they are for the right reasons, or intentions.

As the show continues, we all understand that it is going to get worse, before it gets better. If you have, never read the Batman story "Heir to the Demon," I think you should, for two reason. One, it is of the the greatest Batman stories written. Two, it is very interesting to see how Arrow has taken this iconic story to make it there own.

SO what are your thoughts about the episode The Offer? What did you like about it or dislike? Favorite moment?


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