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He y'all! So let me just get a few things clear: this is a fan-made program package. I do not claim any commercial profit out of this. I just wanted to do an opening title and all other aspects of the show.

So I am a fan of [American Horror Story](series:206668) (not a huge fan, I just like it) and I decided, Hey! Let's do an opening for their new season. I got a bit engrossed and did a whole program package for them.

Opening Titles

Now, it might not look like your typical American Horror Story opening titles and that is the point. I am going to list/explain some of the choice of look and elements of the opening.

I based the whole look from the teaser with Lady Gaga in it:

  • Grainy and Black and White: The teaser has a very olden look, like a black and white movie. It used film grain and the same soundtrack for their teaser.
  • Soundtrack: They used the exact same soundtrack from their openings in their teasers.
  • Font size and color: Even though the teaser used the same conventional opening titles style (Big white font with black background), I chose to give it a more clean look (white) cause I just wanted to give it a new look (even though its iconic).
  • Actors: The actors choice is not due to preference, I just randomly chose people. No specific reason.

    (Font used: Hill House)


This is a montage of the different elements of the program package. Soundtrack is from "Carousel" by Melanie Martinez. No specific reason for the choice of music. I don't claim the soundtrack.

Well, yep. That's it. I hope you guys enjoy this! I am probably going to do a full 1-minute opening title and revisions (I'm not really satisfied). So stay tuned for updates and do leave suggestions on how to improve the opening as different opinions are welcomed.

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