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Hey superhero fans! At least, I'm assuming you're a superhero fan since you're reading an article superheroes! Then again, you could just be a curious reader who stumbled upon this article and decided to click on it. Or you could be one of my family members, reading this to support my growing writing career, despite not knowing much about my favorite fandom.

Regardless of your reason for reading this, keep on reading! Because today, in this article, I am going to take everyone's beloved superhero team, the Avengers...and de-agify them!

The humanity!
The humanity!

Yes, today I'll be re-casting the Avengers by using some of Hollywood's brightest, and youngest stars! So read on if you're ready to see your favorite mature heroes get a little less mature! But first, I have to give myself some structure.

[Rules: All actors must be under the age of 25, with the exception of a certain actor on this list that is just a bit older.]

Let's get things rolling with the first on the list, the "First Avenger"!

Captain America

A true American hero! Steve Rogers joined the army and volunteered to be a test subject for a Super-Soldier Serum. Luckily, the serum worked, and Steve was transformed into the Nazi-punching Captain America! After a failed mission, Cap was frozen in ice for over 70 years, before being thawed out by S.H.I.E.L.D to join the Avengers and save earth!

Who could portray such an outstanding American citizen? One with strength, honesty, courage, bravery and amazing shield throwing accuracy and trajectory?!

My choice—

Josh Hutcherson (Age 22)

You may know Josh from his role as Peeta Mellark in the popular Hunger Games series! Josh has been acting since he was young, with roles in RV, Bridge to Teribithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island! All these roles makes it apparent that Josh favors the action-adventure/thriller genre of cinema!

And what role is more full of action, adventure and thrilling scenes than the role of Captain 'Murica? Josh, with his knack for performing stunts and putting his heart and soul into every action scene, would do an amazing job as the Stars & Stripes hero!

Iron Man

Tony Stark, after getting a piece of mine shrapnel lodged in his chest and being kidnapped by terrorists, decides to make a suit of armor to escape! He makes an arc reactor that powers the suit and keeps the shrapnel in his chest from reaching his heart.

With an endless amount of suits at his disposal, from the Mark I to the Hulkbuster suit, Tony vowed to defend NYC from any threats as the superhero, Iron Man! To play Iron Man, you need to be charming, funny, a bit egotistical, a bit arrogant, and have a heart of gold. It also wouldn't hurt to be good at dressing fancy.

My choice—

Ansel Egort (Age 21)

Ansel is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's biggest young stars! At just 21, he's already stunned audiences with his roles in films like The Fault In Our Stars and the Divergent series! Though his credits are a bit short, his huge roles have put him on everyone's favorite list!

Ansel's role's also have a common trait of charm, funniness and dapperness...not sure that's a word actually. Anyway, I think that he's got the savant and enthralling chops to portray Tony Stark!

Black Widow

Black Widow is the greatest spy in the world! Her KGB background is shrouded in mystery and suspense, not even S.H.I.E.L.D knows everything about her. Natasha Romanoff is a combat expert, her agility and stealth tactics make her a deadly adversary and a great ally!

To be Black Widow, you need to be agile, an expert in combat and have a serious spy-like tone at all times!

My choice—

Chloe Grace Moretz (Age 18)

Chloe Moretz! A talented young actress who I am not ashamed to say is most definitely my Hollywood crush!

Chloe is no stranger to playing kick-butt superheroes! She did an awesome job portraying Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass and it's sequel! It's this role that convinces me she'd be a great Black Widow.

But it's not just her combat experience that makes Chloe a great Natasha. Chloe often portrays characters with a dark or mysterious past or life, like in Kick-Ass, Carrie and Let Me In. Natasha's past is as mysterious and dark as it gets! Chloe would do a great job as Natasha trying to keep the details of her troubled past a secret.


Trained by criminals and motivated to become a hero, Hawkeye is the greatest marksman in the world! He has a knack for being quite the jokester, but his archery skills are no joke! With his trusty bow, he can take out several targets at once in just a few seconds!

To be Hawkeye, you need to be cunning, swift, and have a knack for wise-cracking!

My choice—

Nat Wolff (Age 20)

Nat Wolff started his career in the Nickelodeon show Naked Brothers Band, and playing in the band of the same name. Recently though, he's become more of a film actor, acting in films like The Fault In Our Stars, Admission and Paper Towns!

I chose him as Hawkeye because I believe he has the type of wise-cracking humor that Hawkeye has, and the ambition as an actor to play the role right!


Thor is the God of Thunder! Hailing from Asgard, Thor favors Earth over any realm in the universe, vowing to protect it from any threats! He has power over lightning, and wields the mighty sword Mjolnir!

Thor is chivalrous, courageous, brave...and just a bit arrogant! Nevertheless, he's a strong and worthy warrior who you definitely want to be fighting with, and not against!

My choice—

Thomas Brodie Sangster (Age 24)

Thomas Sangster is known for his role as Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones and as Newt in The Maze Runner! These roles both have fantasy aspects about them, and there's nothing more fantastical than the story of Thor!

These two roles convinced me that Thomas would be great as young, adventurous and hardheaded Thor! He's definitely got the acting chops for it!


The Hulk is the manifestation of strength and pure anger! Hulk was created when scientist Bruce Banner got exposed to a large amount of radioactive gamma rays. The exposure caused Bruce to develop a giant, green and mean altar-ego whenever he got angry.

Hulk and Bruce are two very different people. While Bruce is about science, calm-headedness and quick-thinking, Hulk is all about smash, smash and smash! And the occasional KA-POW!!

My choice—

Jonny Weston (Age 27)

I chose Jonny mainly because of his role in Project Almanac. He plays a young inventor with a deceased father and a struggling mother. He finds out how to go back in time and, while it's fun at first, it slowly drives him insane as his meddling with the time continuum alters his life for the worst!

His version of Bruce would be closer to the comics than others if he portrayed him the same way he acted in Project Almanac! In the comics, Bruce tries many times to negate the effects of his gamma radiation, but it only ends up hurting him and those around him. Seeing Jonny in such a role would earn him so many awards!


There you have it! All of the avengers have been re-cast and de-agified! I hope you enjoyed reading my castings and my reasons, and if you have some of your own, hurry and write an article about it!

Thanks for reading!


Who's your favorite Junior Avenger?


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