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The news just keeps on coming as the live-action film version of Beauty and the Beast fleshes out its star-studded cast. The latest addition comes in the form of Frozen actor Josh Gad, who will be playing Gaston's hapless sidekick, LeFou, according to the Huffington Post and this particularly funny tweet.

Gad will be joining Emma Watson as Belle, Luke Evans as Gaston, and Dan Stevens as Adam/Beast when the film hits screens in 2017.

Having already won over audiences as Olaf in Frozen, there's no doubt that he's got the quirky cohort-thing down pat, but I cannot wait to see him on the bad side this time.

LeFou (for those who may not have seen the Disney animated for a while), is the vertically-challenged pal to narcissist Gaston. The 34 year old actor does bear an uncanny resemblance to LeFou - as long as you lose the glasses and throw on a natty waistcoat. Of course, he can't quite match the little animated dude when it comes to stature, of course, but at six foot, Luke Evans will still be towering over the 5'6" actor.

For the most part, LeFou exists as slapstick comic relief; having benches dropped on him, pitchforks to the rear, branches in the face, you know, all the usual sidekick shtick. All the while he's enthusiastically going along with evil plans despite them rarely working out, and occasionally being strangled by a muddy Gaston. Given his acting experience, Gad will have no problems with this kind of optimistic hilarity, and personally, I think that he is a much better choice than the previously-rumored Matt Lucas.

I can't wait to see him singing and dancing in a tavern (well, how do you cheer your friends up?), or getting in touch with his dark side in the battle at the castle. Most of all, I truly hope that the writers will take full advantage of this opportunity.

C'mon. Josh Gad as animated snowman in Frozen, playing the live action sidekick turned into a Snowman in a remake of an animated film. What writer could resist that nod?

Lets just hope the script is as inspired as the casting so far!

Beauty and the Beast comes to theatres March 17th, 2017


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