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This time I will review one of the movie that nominated for an Oscar and the main actress won the best actress. Julianne Moore eventually won the Oscar for his performance as women that got an Alzheimer

Synopsis: Alice Howland (Julianne Moore), a professor at Columbia University has everything. She has a great career, family and a perfect life. One day, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer. Slowly, the disease declines her brain function. She started could not remember anything like the names of her family, cannot express a word, not even recognize herself. Alice needs support from loved ones.

Very touching. That’s the description for this movie. A great family story and not exaggerate the figures suffering severe disease. The main focus of this film is how Alice facing the disease herself with its intention and support from her family, especially her husband John, played by Alec Baldwin.

Acting Julianne Moore is remarkable. Starting from a successful professor to be hopeless when she suffering an Alzheimer. Her changes not only her behavior, but also in her physic. Julianne Moore looks very sad and very old. Julianne Moore is remarkable in this film. No wonder this legendary actress took home an Oscar in 2014.

Kristen Stewart played Lydia, daughter of Alice that cool and being her acting career pursuit. The characters played by Kristen almost the same as Bella Swan (character who made his name recognized) cool and didn’t like to talk. But it was a very interesting character because we will see Lydia and Alice struggles to re-close.

Basically, this movie is incredible and can make us moved

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