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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is great!!! Let's just face it!

Nothing in the MCU is as good as a a memorable villain. Some people only watch Thor for Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Lee Pace brought Ronan to life wonderfully. There are so many more untapped villains that could bring more life to the MCU and this is my top 5

These are the five Villains who need to appear in the MCU

Sooooo IN AT #5

#5. M'Baku- The Man Ape. Played by Chiwetel Ejiofor (Black Panther -2017)


Ejiofor seems to be the fan favorite for playing T'Chaka but I think he has the skill and physique (based on Red Dust) to play M'Baku in the upcoming Black Panther. I have a story worked out about M'Baku being an established Panther opponent but an honourable one who serves Wakanda. Think more the Black Panther's political rival who takes every possible chance within Wakandan law to try and bolster himself into power. I picked Ejiofor because he is an incredibly talented actor and he would provide a great older anti-hero to Chadwick Boseman's younger T'Challa.

#4 Deathbird/Songbird- The Shi'ar/Human hybrid -Alexandra Daddario (Captain Marvel -2018)


Ok so this one is a bit strange. I think for Captain Marvel the focus should be on her being a Kree-Human hybrid. A possible villain is that another interstellar race the Shi'ar mistake Captain Marvel as being a deliberate creation of the Kree in preparation for a future invasion. The Shi'ar counter this action by abducting a mentally unstable girl and hybridising her with Shi'ar DNA creating the Deathbird. Deathbird would carry some of the abilities of Songbird and would be in a similar power class to Captain Marvel. I chose Daddario because she seems like the kind of person who appears calm on the surface but is dealing with a whole mess of problems internally.

#3 Graviton- The Mad Scientist- Keanu Reeves (Avengers Infinity War part 1/ Captain Marvel -2018)

This one's already been featured kind of in Agents of Shield. But I think Franklin Hall is much too powerful a villain for the Agents team to face and I think that he has the potential to be a threat for an all new Avengers team. I can picture him breaking free of the Gravitonium and trying to attack Ian Quinn in revenge for betraying him and an Avengers team taking him on. I picked Reeves because in my mind Ian Hart didn't quite look right with a beard. The beard is the important thing like in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes show he's been trapped for ages and just wants vengeance. Besides that Graviton would just be a completely mad and savage brutal foe for the Avengers who just tosses them around

#2 Kang- The Conqueror- Arnold Vosloo (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 -2017)

So far the MCU has avoided the subject of time travel and feasibly they will continue to do so. However if they decide to involve time travel Kang is definitely the way to introduce it. I chose Vosloo because of his role in the Mummy as Imhotep. Imhotep and Kang aren't too dissimilar because they are grandiose villains and they both have ties to ancient Egypt. I can see Kang as being a time traveller who possess the Time Infinity stone in the future but when his timeline is threatened, he sends the gem back in time and returns to the past to reclaim it and build a more powerful intergalactic army. This film could end with the Guardians defeating Kang and him teleporting the Time Gem to Thanos. Kang could be a villain on the same scale as Thanos a time travelling cosmic conqueror.

#1 Maximus- The Mad- Cilian Murphey (The Inhumans -2019)

Maximus take the number one slot for the reason that with the right actor he has the potential to be the next Loki. Unlike other characters Maximus doesn't need to be physically imposing he needs to be cold, manipulative and totally utterly MAD. Cilian Murphy played Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow to great effect and this would be a similar yet expanded role. Maximus needs to be totally, utterly mad but at the same time politically skilled with knowledge of the most intricate workings of Attilan.


Well this concludes my list of villains who should appear in the MCU. Tell me your top five in the comments.


Which one of my Villain picks would you want to see more?


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