ByManinderjeet Singh Kochar, writer at
Just loving MARVEL!

With the PHASE 2 ending with Ant-Man, and PHASE 3 starting next year with CIVIL WAR, what will happen when PHASE 3 ends too with THE INFINITY WAR? Most people guess and want somebody to get all the rights and reboot the whole damn thing, while some would enjoy the movies, each from different sources like the current happenings. But what if, we simply do not want the whole damn thing to start again, what about a PHASE 4?

There is a whole lot of unexplored territoty in the actual MARVEL multiverse, that the MCU has even breached. What if there was no planned PHASE 4, there has already been a lot of improvisations alreaddy.(Like the organic web slings in SPIDERMAN 123) We could have the KREE-SKRULL WARS, the SECRET INVASION including the shape-shifting SKRULLS, and how about a connection with the illuminati?? We could see HULK being banished, and receive PLANET HULK and HULK's return as WORLD WAR HULK! We could have another MANDARIN and the 10 RINGS twist. We would defnitely enjoy a connection with the X-MEN, the FANTASTIC FOUR and the SPIDER-MAN(which is happening). We could have the entry of new characters such as NOVA, SHE-HULK, MOON KNIGHT, NAMOR and many others.

In short, we would just love MCU not ending right now.


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