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Just loving MARVEL!

In the TASM franchise, ANDREW GARFIELD played the role of the truly amazing SPIDER-MAN. But after the release of TASM 2, last summer, he managed to piss off SONY executives on multiple occasions. Moreover after the deal between SONY and DISNEY to bring SPIDER-MAN back to the MCU, without any connections to the prior films, starting the character anew. This means the odds are there won't be any more films in the TASM franchise, and ANDREW GARFIELD would say bye to the red and blue spider.

Help us in our survey, and tell us who according to you will get the amazing role of our much beloved SPIDER-MAN in the upcoming MCU movies! If your choice isn't in our options, be a sport tell us about the actor in the comments.


Who's gonna be our beloved SPIDEY, when he returns to MCU!?


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