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Just loving MARVEL!

Okay, we are MARVEL fanatics, but it doesn't mean we like anything that MARVEL serves us. Here are some films(or franchises) that are really screwed up:

GHOST RIDER: Nicholas Cage, shitty scrrenplay, uninspired director, a lame(-lame) superhero and huge pile of garbage! How worse could it possibly get!? (SPOILERS- GHOST RIDER 2)

X-MEN ORIGINS-WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM bullets? Seriously? WOLVERINE's skull is made of ADAMANTIUM, then shouldn't the bullets have bounced off? And the visual effects that looke dbad even in the 90s! To say in a few words, 'Too many cooks spoiled the dish!'

GHOST RIDER-SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE: Do we seriously have to say something? It was a bad dream consisting of lame film-making, ugly and lousy cinematography, and a horribly written script. I'm astonished that they were allowed even to script it!

FANTASTIC FOUR FRANCHISE: To start off a hokey-pokey origin story, they save the world only once even that in the second film, really old-fashioned powers and costumes, and a bizarre combination of powers. And GALACTUS is showed as a 'CLOUD'. Please just tell me how does just that even work out? Oh I wish that the reboot is better!

DAREDEVIL: My question for you, how did a blind guy(even though with sharp senses) learn acrobatics? It's a movie that tells us that every MARVEL film just can't be that good.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FRANCHISE: First of all, using the old joke from the SPIDER-MAN series of ruining the laundry by washing the suit. Got a bit cliche, hasn't it? The new franchise seems to be a trainwreck! Although it has some spirited actors, the films are a bit too loud and stupid. And at the same time the films are small and too big. They even grouped all the foes' origin at OSCORP.

X-MEN FIRST CLASS: Lets just say that most of the origin stories haven't been good.

SPIDER-MAN 3: The film too goofy actually seemed that it could have been good. First of all too many villains, PETER PARKER's dance gasp emoticon, an overblown climax and still many charms to savor. The biggest one being, the reason of SPIDER-MAN's survival was HARRY's butler! And they didn't even show VENOM's muscularity!

Be free and tell us whcih movie distrubed you the most!


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