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Every year, thousands of adults and children descend on Disneyland to be greeted by a myriad of characters from the movies. As well as encountering Mickey and his friends, visitors have ample opportunity to attend events to meet their Disney heroes, princesses and countless other creatures.

And although Cinderella, Cruella de Vil, Snow White and Aladdin are always at the ready to take pictures with their loyal fans, other characters sometimes go that extra step further when welcoming their guests.

The following is one of the most endearing Disney Park character accounts I have ever come across, featuring a young girl and a certain Peter Pan's life-changing advice. Check it out!

A young girl recounted that when she came to the magical theme park, she met none other than the flying mischievous little boy and what he said to her was some of the best advice ever. She said:

"He saw my arm and he grabbed it and held it up and looked at it. There are scars on my arms from self-harm."

Peter Pan then asked:

"Are those scars from pirates? That old Captain Hook can be so thoughtless sometimes. Doesn't even realize what he does hurts!"

Naturally the young kid was astonished, but the kind Peter Pan made her feel at ease by saying:

"You can come to Neverland with me, and I won't let any marks find your arms ever again."

When asked why he cared so much, he told the youngster that nobody should have to deal with such personal pain and that "marks like that made a person grow up to fast." What a wonderful thing to say!

Many young people and adults who self-harm often feel incredibly embarrassed and alone when dealing with such issues. To have a friendly stranger, albeit one in a familiar Peter Pan costume, take them by the hand and tell them everything will be alright is often such a comfort for them.

I admit that this Peter Pan has not solved the world's problems, but the fact that he has allowed a youngster to escape their hurt momentarily, is a wonderful achievement in itself! What a fantastic role-model!

The world needs more people like him.

What do you think of this incident?

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What do you think of Peter Pan's advice?



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