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Exciting news for True Blood fans!

While Stephen Moyer (who will forever be vampire Bill to true [True Blood](series:200767) devotees) is set to star in [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) creator, Kurt Sutter's latest creation, Bastard Executioner, his professional partnership with his beautiful wife Anna Paquin (our Sookie) is not over.

The two have signed on to executive produce a miniseries for HBO with Jack Black, entitled Madame X. The show will be based on the novel My Notorious Life, written in 2013 by Kate Manning and based loosely on a true story.

Unfortunately, dashing Bill won't be gracing our screens in the series, however Paquin will star as the lead character Axie Muldoon, one of the most controversial women in Victorian-era New York City, that fought relentlessly for women's reproductive rights.

While it may not sound very [True Blood](series:200767) - esque, the more HBO reveal about the project, the more potential it shows to satisfy the needs of forlorn [True Blood](series:200767) fans.

We Know Paquin Makes the Ultimate Scandalous Heroine

Anna Paquin wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty
Anna Paquin wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty

As Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin showed her acting chops as the least damsel-in-distress-like character in years. Sookie was unflappable in the face of danger and never put up with stupidity from her handsome, yet troublesome, beaus.

Axie Muldoon seems like the perfect opportunity for Paquin to once more explore the inner-strength and astounding ability of a woman underestimated by her society. Misunderstood by the citizens of Bon Temps, Sookie Stackhouse had to overcome their objections and prejudices, just as Axie will strive to do in Madame X.

Miniseries Will Not Drag Like True Blood Did

Sorry True Blood true believers!
Sorry True Blood true believers!

There, I said it. [True Blood](series:200767) was brilliant, but it had its flaws.

The whole Lilith storyline and all the faeries bored me silly. Luckily, Andy, Arlene and Terry were there to keep things entertaining.

Madame X is going to be a "dark, but not pitch black" miniseries, that will follow the story of Axie and her battle to protect vulnerable women that would often die during childbirth and had no safe access to abortion. The book is said to be a love story, a political drama and an insight into the life of this remarkable activist.

A Cast and Crew To Rival True Blood

The unlikely combo of Black, Paquin and Moyer
The unlikely combo of Black, Paquin and Moyer

So far we only know that Paquin is on board to star in the miniseries, but with Jack Black and the [True Blood](series:200767) pair on board, they've got some serious cred and the cast should be pretty impressive.

The crew is already shaping up nicely. Lynn Shelton has been confirmed as the director. Shelton directed last year's [Laggies](movie:908876), starring Keira Knightley, which received positive reviews all round. The writer for Madame X will be Julia Hart, who impressed critics last year with her screenplay for [The Keeping Room](movie:711893). Like Madame X, the action thriller film highlights the strength of women in early America. It showed a revisionist version of American history by highlighting the struggles of three women left to fend for themselves in the American Civil War, which gives Hart a good background in tackling the often ignored exploits of strong women in history.

HBO = Quality TV?

A trustworthy source of entertainment
A trustworthy source of entertainment

While it has had some serious competition recently from Netflix, AMC and other networks that are rapidly upping their game, HBO is still generally a trustworthy source for quality TV.

[True Blood](series:200767) would never have been as good on any other network. It would have been manipulated into a trashy romance or a gory horror show and wouldn't have retained its genre-crossing panache.

With that in mind, we can be confident that Kate Manning's thrilling novel will be turned into something worth tuning in for!

Missing your True Blood fix?
Missing your True Blood fix?

What shows have you found helpful in tackling your [True Blood](series:200767) withdrawal? Share it in the comments so we can all find a suitable replacement!


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