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For some dark and strange reason that I'm not prepared to delve into, there's something deeply human about the sudden rush of excitement we get from seeing something terrible happen.

We know it's horrifying, we know it's disturbing, we wince uncontrollably, and we feel an immediate sympathy for those involved. Yet we simply cannot take our eyes away from what is happening.

To prove that, I've listed 11 of the most squirm-inducing moments from cinema and sport (don't worry, everybody involved made full recoveries!). Can you make it 'til the very end?

1. I'll start you off easy with a scene from Final Destination 2...

We see Tim run out to scare a small army of pigeons. As they fly away, a construction worker loses controls of a giant crane. What happens next? This.

Poor, Timmy.

How are you holding up? Ready to move on? Good.

2. Now for some real life wincing material... here's a basketball player breaking his leg!

As NCAA basketballer Kevin Ware leaps to intercept the ball (the one in white on the far right of the picture), he could've never guessed what was about to happen.

Perhaps because he had his eyes fixed so intently on the ball, Ware lands awkwardly before stumbling off court.

Words can't do it justice for how much that must have hurt.

Ware's teammates fell to floor in shock at what they could see: his shinbone sticking right out of his leg!

3. THAT sledgehammer scene from the 90s classic Misery!

The Stephen King adaptation, Misery, may well be known for being one for the greatest films of all time, but this is the scene people always talk about.

Still hanging in there?

4. The jaw-dropping "hangnail" moment in Black Swan

We've all suffered from the odd hangnail every now and again. But none of us (I hope!) reacted in quite the same way as Natalie Portman did in Black Swan.


5. The worst injury in soccer history...

The Brazilian-born Arsenal soccer player had been playing in the British Premier League for a matter of months when he sustained this horrific injury at the hands of Birmingham City's Martin Taylor.

It was at that precise moment that Eduardo realized he was far, far away from playing soccer on the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

6. The excruciating "curb stomp" in American History X

The most horrifying bit about this excruciating scene from American History X is that this technique - the curb stomp -has been widely used in hate crimes by white-power morons across America.

This scene disturbed me so much I still remember the exact time and place I first saw it.

7. The infamous "Needle Pit" from Saw II

A giant pit filled with over 120,000 filthy syringes. Say no more, really.


8. That time Ryan Gosling went violently crazy in an elevator...

Everything seems innocent enough at first in this classic scene from the movie Drive. They kiss, they hold hands... nothing to see here but a little too much PDA, if you ask me.

But suddenly...

Gosling, playing "The Driver", goes wild and, quite literally, smashes a man's face in. It's pretty disgusting.

9. An MMA fighter's foot falls off...

Apologies, I know absolutely nothing about Mixed Martial Arts. I can't tell you what Anderson Silva is trying to do here, nor can I say exactly why this happened. All I can say is that it looks fucking disgusting.

Here's a super slow-mo for the schadenfreude junkies.

10. The most disturbing scene in cinema history?

This scene in the cult Greek classic, Dogtooth, is hinted at from the very start of the movie. The film depicts a depraved group of kids who believe they can't leave the family home until they've lost their 'dogtooth', whatever that means. But even when she's stood in the mirror with a dumbbell in hand, you never quite believe she's going to do it.

Second time's a charm, eh?

She looks happy, at least...

11. An unlucky ice hockey player is involved in a horrifying accident...

I warned you at the very onset of the post that it would contain things that many might find disturbing. This is by far the worst. So before you scroll down, please take that advice seriously.

But don't worry... he survived.

Yep, exactly what you think happened, happened. Ice hockey player and ultimate tough guy, Clint Malarchuk, was unluckily enough to have his throat slashed open.

He lost 1.5 liters of blood and it took doctors a total of 300 stitches to close the wound. But miraculously he managed to make a full recovery.

Did you make it?

Congratulations! Tell me which one made you wince the most in the comments below.

And if you're not feeling too good, here's a cute cat to make it all better.


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