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I adore 8-bit video games and I love AMC's The Walking Dead, so sometimes when I sit around at home, or on the bus or wherever, I dream of the day these two incredible beasts of entertainment could somehow be combined and I get a little worked up over the prospect.

So, imagine my delight when perusing YouTube and I happen to stumble across CineFix & 8-Bit Cinema's incredible four minute summary of The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2 in evergreen 8-bit (and a cheeky bit of 16-bit too, I see you) video game style. I promptly lost my mind!

Coming off the back of their terrific pixelated reimaginings of Guardians of the Galaxy and Scarface, the video races through Rick's rude awakening in the hospital, being apprehended by Lennie and Dwayne, suiting up, finding a horse - and that's just within a few seconds!

Come on, you need to check this out:

That was absolute genius, and the chiptune version of The Walking Dead theme song is sick! You did watch it, didn't you? Regardless, here's a...

Tiny Breakdown!

'Cause I love making gifs!

Set The Scene

Here's little pixel Rick thinking "wtf kinda hygiene is this," as he escapes to freedom.

Where The Streets Have No Name

Shocked by the state of the real world and mistaken for a walker, Rick is taken in by Lennie and Dwayne.

Level Up!

Rick gathers his gear from the Police Station, dispatches some walkers and then tends to the pain of one very familiar creep.

My Kingdom For A Horse

Here's the 8-bit version of one of the tensest moments of TV. That poor horse.

Rick Has Joined Your Group!

That's one way of making new friends.

If you want to see how 8-bit cinema ends this thrilling summary of Season 1, and see how they handle Season 2, you're going to have to watch the video above! Trust me, it's too good to pass on.

Right, I'm off to dream a bit more about an 8-bit The Walking Dead game. Man, imagine that...

(Source: CineFix via YouTube)


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