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Horror films are scary enough. Blood, knives, sinister music, the "don't go in there!" feeling you get when you just know someone is about to die.

All great stuff for horror fans.

BUT, add kids into the mix and it all gets extra scary. Kids just aren't meant to be this cruel, or twisted, or demonic.

Here're the 10 scariest kids in horror films.

10. Lonnie, Deliverance

Deliverance is famous for the "squeal like a pig" scene, which is of course, horrific BUT it's the introduction of Lonnie that perfectly sets the creepy tone for the whole movie.

He might not maim or murder anyone, but when we are introduced to Lonnie, who plays Duelling Banjos, it creates a sense of unease that's cinematically fantastic.

So odd and spooky he really freaks me out!

9. Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, Heavenly Creatures

Ok, so they're teenagers, but what makes these two characters so disturbing is the film is based on real-life events.

The two friends are obsessed with one another, hate to be apart and create their own fantasy world, away from the lives with their parents who they hate.

When Juliet's parents announce they are getting divorced and want to move away, the pair becomes hysterical.

Both sets of parents feel the girls' friendship is unhealthy. The two blame Pauline's mother for the whole thing and plot to murder her, luring her into some woodland and smashing her head in with a rock.

8. Isaac Chroner, Children of the Corn

Isaac is the leader of the death cult in the adaption of the Stephen King short story.

A religious fanatic, Isaac takes the children of the village Gatlin to the corn fields and tells them a story of a man "who walks behind the rows."

He then leads the children to kill all the adults in the town, they then take any adults who pass through Gatlin and sacrifice them.

7. Karen Cooper, Night of the Living Dead

A zombie film made in 1968, young Karen and her family are hiding out in the basement of a farmhouse after zombies over-turned the family car.

Karen becomes seriously ill after being bitten by one of the zombies.

When her mother finds Karen eating the corpse of her father Harry, Karen then stabs her mother to death with a trowel.

6. Carrie, Carrie

Not a young child granted, but Carrie is pretty up there when it comes to scary.

Carrie discovers she has Telekinesis after she screams in the shower at school, causing a lightbulb to blow as she gets frustrated by the school bullies.

Her mother, a devoted Christian, believes Carrie is a witch.

When she is covered in pigs blood at the school prom she sprays all the students with water, which then gets into the electrics, which causes a fire that kills everybody.


Then after she goes home to be comforted by her mother, her mother stabs her in the back...not so nice.

5. Grady Twins, The Shining

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is one of the most memorable horror films of all time.

Young Danny is riding his tricycle around the halls of the hotel, which looks like a lot of fun to be honest.

He then stops and stares straight ahead.

The twins appear at the end of the corridor in matching clothes holding hands, asking Danny to play with them.

You then see quick shots of the girls lying on the ground, covered in blood with an axe next to them, brutally murdered.

4. Damian, The Omen

Lots of spooky things go on around Damian. A pack of dogs that live near his house are terrified of him and his nanny hangs herself at his birthday party.

A birthmark on his head reveals the numbers 666, a mark for the devil.

Damian rides his tricycle into his mother, causing her to fall and miscarry a baby.

Both his adoptive parents are killed, his mother's pushed out of a window, his father is shot by a policeman while he is trying to drag Damian to the altar of a church.

The film spookily ends with Damian at his parents funeral, with a huge smile on his face. Creepy.

3. Ralphie Glick, Salems Lot

Maybe it's because I watched this as a child, when I definitely shouldn't have, but Ralphie is really scary.

Young Ralphie disappears, only to become the town's first vampire. He then goes on to bite a few people, and there's one scene where he is scratching at the bedroom window asking to be let inside.

It's then a race against time to kill the master vampire Barlow to put a stop to the vampires.

Scary stuff!

2. Samara Morgan, The Ring

Based on a Japanese horror film of the same name, the story begins with two teenage girls having a sleepover.

One girl brings out a videotape. Legend has it that if you watch the video you get a mysterious phonecall and seven days later you die, and people do.

Then a long haired girl crawls out of televisions and scares people to death.


1. Regan, The Exorcist

While I don't find the film particularly scary, the character is scary and it's strange to think a child so young could ACT so possessed, it's mind bending.

After Regan kills her babysitter, her family ask for the services of a priest, who brings with him another priest who has recently begun to question the church after the death of his mother.

Convinced she is possessed, due to the fact she has begun to talk backwards and has 'Help Me' scratched onto her stomach, they begin an exorcism.

Together they try to expel the devil from her where there's lots of swearing - not to mention the crucifixion scene!

Warning: Violence and extreme language.


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