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Have you ever wondered what Ursula would have been like as a tiny tot? Do you think that the Evil Queen always had a penchant for poison? Did the Queen of Hearts always love to boss everyone around?

An artist called Vivianne has reimagined some classic Disney baddies as children before their dark futures were realized. And whilst some clearly already show villainous traits at a young age, others look endearingly innocent, making us wonder where it all went so very wrong...

Take a look at the following 7 images! I assure you that this is likely to be one of the most adorable things you will ever see:

1. Drizella & Anastasia

The gruesome twosome from Cinderella look like lovely little girls as kids. As they grew up, I guess it was their wicked mother that turned them ugly, inside and out.

2. Cruella de Vil

I doubt a young Cruella would have liked to skin fluffy puppies so that she could be in line with the fashions of today. Instead, she would have probably just painted a few dots on her mom's coat to look the part.

3. Gothel

Perhaps even as a young girl, Gothel was already obsessed with her looks. Though back then, I bet she wasn't quite into trapping young girls like Rapunzel in towers just yet.

4. The Queen of Hearts

I'm not surprised that as a tiny tot, the Queen of Hearts was already bossing everyone about. I know that if I was confronted by her in the playground, I would definitely be pretty nervous.

5. Ursula

Young Ursula looks like an absolute sweetheart. I wonder what went wrong to make her so jealous and want to befriend a pair of villainous moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam?

6. Maleficent

Before Maleficent wanted to impart her wrath onto Sleeping Beauty, she liked to play with her loyal pet raven like any other child and their cuddly friend.

7. The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen from Snow White was always very kind and loved to share her lunchtime apple with the other kids. Yet somehow, one day the nature of her generosity became a bit more sinister...

I'm sure you guys will agree that these images are incredibly cute. For more examples of Vivianne's work, check out her tumblr page.

What do YOU think of these little Disney villains? Let me know in the comments below!


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