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I've always had a lot of love for Disney; for the upstanding values they stand for, the moral messages they instil in our youth, and the treasured memories they've left me with from my own childhood. But as soon as I heard about this truly inspirational story, my respect for Disney immediately doubled - this is living proof that it really is an invaluable institution we can all be proud of!

Reddit user hugitoutguys, dedicated wife to an American serviceman, recently wrote about her and her husband's remarkable experience at Disney World Florida, and you may just start to well up hearing about it...

An American Hero Honored For His Sacrifice

This upstanding military family decided to take a trip to the world famous resort, having traveled all the way from their home in California for a very special occasion. The wife explains their reasons for the trip:

My husband deployed for the fourth time this month. For his pre deployment leave we decided to go to Disney World.

On the eve of this soldier's fourth deployment abroad, the couple were looking to escape the pressures and worries of everyday life, letting Disney whisk them away to a magical and uplifting place - and boy did they not disappoint.

After returning to their hotel room for the night, the couple found this gift waiting for them...

"When I read it I couldn't help but cry"

It turns out that when this soldier spoke to an employee at the front desk, he was asked whether they were celebrating anything. He replied "just enjoying pre deployment leave." As expected, Disney went the extra mile and made this couple's day one to remember...

After a long day we came back to our hotel to find this framed certificate and a beautiful medal with my husband's name embroidered on the neck strap. I just thought it was a really beautiful gesture and it made our stay there even more memorable. When I read it I couldn't help but cry. It was really special.

They have a sense of humor too, with the certificate signed by CEO and "Chief Ear Officer" Mickey Mouse!

Determination, Commitment and Dedication

Also waiting for them in the hotel room was this honorary medal, celebrating 'determination,' 'commitment' and 'dedication' - all core values each and every one of us try to live by:

The response to this beautiful story was overwhelmingly positive, with the Reddit community getting involved to show their support:

It's wonderful to see even large conglomerate companies like Disney find the time and make the effort to reward exceptional individuals like this, endlessly dedicated to making sure their guests' time at Disney World is as perfect as can be.

A Safe Return Home

I'll leave you with this parting message from the serviceman's grateful wife:

My husband deployed last Friday. I just wanted to reach out and ask for prayers and positive thoughts for his health and safety while away and for a safe return. And maybe for strength for me individually and us as a couple. Thank you guys.

Get home safe.

Tell us about your extraordinary Disney experiences!


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