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Recently a trend of sharing your geeky collections has arisen in our MP Creators group, where we've seen some amazing stockpiles of geek-i-licious goods, from posters to DVDs, games and figurines- you guys have it sorted!

So since everyone is in a sharing mood, we thought we could turn it into a friendly contest! We want you to post your personal collection of movie, TV or game related merchandise. The geekiest collector will win a gift to add to their masterpiece!

Our CPO [Ben Kubota](user:199378) got in on the action today- check out his insane collection!

Here's what we'd love to see

Post pictures and/or a cool video of your collection and tell us what your prized possession is and why. We'd love to know how long you've been collecting, too! The hobby of collecting is a life-long investment, and a worthy one at that. Now you can share yours proudly with the world!

  • Tag your article with Contest and include a link in the comments of this post.
  • Submit your entry by Sunday 22nd March 12pm ET
  • Must be an article on Moviepilot, not a comment on this article
  • Open world-wide! Get involved, world!

Want a reminder of what's up for grabs?

Can't wait to check them out!


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