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The Actress Ruth Negga has been picked to play the role of Tulip in Seth Rogen's " Preacher".


So who will Play Jesse Custer?

Glen Fabry's Tulip from the cover of Preacher.
Glen Fabry's Tulip from the cover of Preacher.

The ongoing project has finally made an announcement on one of the cast members .

Negga, father from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, mother from Ireland, has been a member of the cast of Agents of Shield and is well known for her role in World War Z. The actress, who was also recently seen in Jimi: All Is By My Side, will next appear on the big screen in Duncan Jones’ Warcraft adaptation, which will hit our cinemas on March 11 next year.

British and Irish fans will know Ruth from "Misfits" "Love/Hate" and "Love is the drug".

But a dark Haired Tulip? This come from way out in left field.

Preacher is the Dark and disturbing story of Jessie Custer, A one time Texas Preacher, Who finds Himself burdened with the "Voice" of God . His traveling companions are Tulip O'Hare , His old girlfriend, and a hard drinking, self loathing Irish Vampire called Cassady. Written by Garth Ennis, Drawn by Steve Dillon with Carlos Ezquerra and Glenn Fabry.


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