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I came across this fan theory about The Matrix that I don't necessarily agree with, but can see where it would be incredibly awesome if it were true. It has to do with Agent Smith, a dude who quite literally goes viral in the movie... meaning, he is able to spread like wildfire, duplicating himself and making things incredibly difficult for Neo, "The One".

However, this theory takes a contrarian stance, saying Neo may not have been "The One" after all. The theory toys with the notion that Agent Smith is actually, in fact, who Neo thought he was.

Here are all the facts that this 4chan theory uses to justify the theory.

Probably blind with hate towards the Matrix, Agent Smith originally thought Neo was against him, but they later end the Matrix together

If you believe in this theory, you would assume that he wasn't actively aware of who he was or what was really going on. You could assume Smith subconsciously wants to help Neo, but conscious Smith thinks he needs to kill Neo. Maybe the machines programmed in a "personality override" into Smith so that he was forced to help them.

Agent Smith wanted to end the cycle

I think it makes sense to assume Agent Smith didn't want to continue this vicious cycle - he assumed that Neo would do as the past "One"s had and choose to save humanity by going to the source. This would restart the cycle of the Matrix. Neo was able to both save Trinity and humanity making Smith understand that Neo could stop all of this and free him.

An issue: Was Smith the FIRST one or the most recent one before Neo?

Perhaps he was The One right before Neo, had been reprogrammed to think he was a robot and part of him thought he could stop the same sequence of events from occuring but not the entirety of him, which made things dicey.

What do you think? Add your comments below if you agree (or don't)... definitely interested to see what you all think.

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