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I had the pleasure of reading issue #1 of Wynter courtesy of the folks over at New Worlds Comics. And I was completely blown away. It's an absolutely fantastic first issue packed full of thought, character and set in a rich future world. So I picked up the rest of the series so far (it's at four issues) So allow me to take the next 2 minutes of your time in order to convince you as to why you should read it.

1. It Gets Being a Teenager

Guy Hasson, the creator of the story, just seems to have a complete understanding of the struggles a person faces during the teen stages of life, and has accordingly built a world that is deliberately crafted to highlight those. The main struggle it focuses on is the desire to feel special, and the brilliance of that is that it's universally relatable. We all have a desire to feel extraordinary and this comic really conveys that. It centers around 17 year old Liz Wynter and her personal need to feel unique. But in this future world she has a computer implanted into her brain that is constantly telling her about the millions of other people with her DNA and the billions of other people who have already experienced everything she goes through. It's a harsh reality and one that we all have to deal with, but it finds a light to the situation in her journey to prove her individuality that manages to inspire despite it's seemingly bleak premise.

2. The Art

The art-work by Aron Elekes and Vincent Kings is stunning and potent. Panels flow seamlessly into one another without panels in order to create a moving, flowing world that almost seems to come alive out of the page. The strokes are stunning and you could spend all day just staring at the intricate backdrops and characters that you're immersed in. There's a real vision her of a universe that's being conveyed and it's translated onto the page in incredible detail. It's the little details that really make a page a work of art rather than just a drawing and here, everything is meticulously painted. From the structures rising out of the ground to the moody, atmospheric lighting to the vehicles drifting by in the background that construct an image that sticks with you.

3. It's Fresh

You could maybe be forgiven for reading the blurb to the Wynter series and disregarding it as just more young adult future dystopian sci-fi for insecure girls. But the true flair to Wynter's storytelling is in subverting the genre tropes of Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner etc. Without delving into spoilers, this is a story that is putting a message across, and to box it up next to those aforementioned films is to do it a great disservice. This is a completely original plot, with different and engaging characters with a unique view on the future, youth and individuality. And it all blends into something that you've never quite seen before.

4. It's Free!

Seriously, all you have to do to get a digital copy of Wynter #1 is send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject Moviepilot, explain who sent you and boom, they'll e-mail you back with your very own copy of Wynter #1. Simple, right? So now you've got absolutely no reason not to be reading Wynter, because it's fantastic, and doesn't cost you anything at all. Unless, of course, you decide to get the next three issues but trust me, it's completely worth it. So if you want to, you can purchase them here.

Wrapping Up...

So thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed. For more geeky goodness be sure to check out my YouTube channel, Eneition. But until next time guys, enjoy your lives!


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