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A new Suicide Squad rumor has surfaced that, if true, will allow us to add another face to the slowly growing DC Comics action flick.

The rumor, uncovered by Latino Review's El Mayimbe, states that actor Jackie Earle Hayley (Robocop, Watchmen) is being considered for the role of the Thinker in the David Ayer film.

It goes without saying that, until something more official is revealed, take this one with a grain of salt.

Avid fans and readers will know that the Thinker is an alias used by several characters within the DC Comics universe. While it is unclear what version of the Thinker will appear in the film, it is a safe bet that the film version will be based off the original character: Clifford DeVoe. In the comics, DeVoe is a genius inventor who harnessed his intellect by means of his Thinking Cap. He was also a member of both the Injustice Society and Suicide Squad after starting out as a villain for the Flash.

Again, this is all a rumor at this time, although it is said that the Thinker will indeed be appearing in the film at some point.

More info as it becomes available.

(Source: CBM)

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