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Week by week more information is leaking out about how DC and Warner Bros are shaping up to build their own cinematic universe. More pieces are starting to fall into place that will see Man of Steel connect to Batman vs Superman, from BvS to Suicide Squad and on to Justice League and so on. Though some still have their doubts.

Growing Pains for DC

When creator of The Walking Dead, writer and producer Robert Kirkman acknowledged that this world building is an uphill battle for DC, he pointed out the surprises that Marvel was able to pull off when they rolled out their MCU in their own unique way. There's definitely something to be said for the way Marvel waited until they were at Phase 3 before unveiling a 5 year plan the way DC has in what is essentially their Phase 1.

Amanda Waller hears from the Rogues Gallery.
Amanda Waller hears from the Rogues Gallery.

It's true, since we already know the direction that DC is headed in the next eight (!) movies that will come out between Batman vs Superman and 2020 it might be difficult for DC and Warner Bros to find ways to surprise fans when they do manage to connect and expand their superhero universe on screen.

Full House at Belle Reve

Recent reports about the Batman's involvement in Suicide Squad are strengthening the continuity that DC is hopefully looking to establish in the upcoming movies. Latino Review has been having a lot of fun with some recent experiments of posting rumors and spoilers on Instagram and they have a lot to say about Batman and Suicide Squad.

DC Comics The Thinker could get Jackie Earl Haley.
DC Comics The Thinker could get Jackie Earl Haley.

Most recently there was the reveal that the character of The Thinker being added to the growing number of villains that the movie will be featuring. And not only that, but the rumor that Watchman's Rorschach himself, Jackie Earl Haley may be stepping into the role. Likely the character is yet another inmate of Amanda Waller's Belle Reve prison that ends up escaping when the Joker causes all hell to break loose at the end of the movie.

The Amanda Show

Speaking of Amanda Waller and the Joker, another spoiler has Waller bringing the Joker to Belle Reve, and away from Arkham Asylum, not just to use as leverage with Belle Reve inmate Harley Quinn, but to also gain information on Batman. It would seem that Batman is Amanda Waller's pet obsession, her Moby Dick, and she's desperate enough to try and get whatever details she can on the vigilante from the likes of the Joker.

Amanda Waller and Batman have some history.
Amanda Waller and Batman have some history.

The information on Batman's involvement in Suicide Squad also ties into a big plot development in Batman vs Superman. We all know that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be the biggest connection to the Justice League - it's right there in the title. Exactly how the Justice League gets formed looks to be continuing in the background of Suicide Squad.

Matahuman Behavior

One of the longstanding spoilers about Batman vs Superman is in regards to a certain hobby of Lex Luthor's. These recent reports back up this rumor that Lex Luthor will be collecting information on metahumans - a word that DC has been pushing out through shows like Arrow and the Flash lately. And this collection of metahuman data that Lex Luthor is compiling is exactly what Batman steals in Batman vs Superman and uses to track down and enlist the members of the Justice League.

Everyone smile, this picture is for Lex Luthor!
Everyone smile, this picture is for Lex Luthor!

Yes, in an ironic twist of fate, it could be that without the devious behavior of Lex Luthor, we wouldn't see the formation of the Justice League. Maybe Batman can send Lex Luthor a Christmas card with all the members of the Justice League standing together giving a thumbs-up and include a little message that says, "Couldn't have done it without you, Lex!" I think he'd like that.

This information that Batman uses to form the Justice League at the end of Batman vs Superman looks to play at least a small element in Suicide Squad. It sounds like this is exactly the kind of information that Amanda Waller would love to get her hands on. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. While DC may need to prove itself a bit in the wake of Marvel's success, they have the material they need to pull it off.


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