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As a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this was a challenging exercise for me. One of the biggest strengths of Marvel, in my opinion, has been their casting. They've really nailed it, and that made replacing them kind of painful. That said, legos are cool, and I got over it rather quickly. After using a complex algorithm which involved painstakingly searching through over two thousand of the most popular actors on IMDB, which were run through a complex system of personal opinions, I have come up with the following list. For each Avenger I have listed, I will give the actor I feel should get the part, the runner-up, and a brief description of why they should get the part. Fair warning: I (Marvel) spared no expense.


I could not resist. I mean come on. IRON. MAN.
I could not resist. I mean come on. IRON. MAN.

All right, let's begin by saying that Robert Downey Junior cannot easily be replaced. His effect on the superhero genre is second to none, and he crushes his role as Tony Stark. I felt that in order to move on from him, we needed another person who can properly embody Tony Stark. We need someone swanky, witty, confident, womanizing, and downright arrogant. At the same time, that person needs to be loyal, willing to sacrifice, and able to take charge. Without further ado, my choice for Tony Stark: Mach 2 is... Chris Pine

Straght up Swank.
Straght up Swank.

Chris Pine has shown the ability to excel in this role with his body of work in the Star Trek films. Who is more cocky than Captain Kirk? However, he has shown in Star Trek Into Darkness that he is also willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his team. In this way, Chris Pine embodies Tony Stark.

Honorable Mention: Bradley Cooper


The Pun is strong in this one.
The Pun is strong in this one.

Bruce Banner was probably my most difficult casting choice. You have to capture the genius, the inner turmoil, and his genuine resentment of himself. In order to make this happen, I played it safe and went with an actor who has portrayed such turmoil in the past. Days of Future Past that is.... Which is why I went with James McAvoy for this role.

He doesn't want your future.
He doesn't want your future.

Honorable Mention: Zachary Quinto


Heil Odin!
Heil Odin!

I love Thor as much as any of the Avengers, but we have to face facts: He has become the pretty boy of the team. Chris Hemsworth does a phenomenal job as Thor, being the arrogant warrior and loyal friend. However, what it boils down to is who can play the part of a ripped viking who likes to fight? Answer: Travis Fimmel.

Fimmel plays the main role of Ragnar Lothbrok in the History channel tv show Vikings. He perfectly portrays an arrogant leader who likes to do things his way. He is muscular, and as a bonus hails from Australia much like current Thor Chris Hemsworth.

Honorable Mention: Robbie Amell


Up to this point in the Marvel movies, Hawkeye has been more of a marginal character. He's there, he follows orders, but he hasn't really been developed quite as much as the other characters. In order to effectively play Hawkeye in the movies, you need an actor who has a commanding presence on screen, but doesn't take away from the focus on other characters. For this choice, I went with another stellar archer from a fantasy realm (not Legolas). I chose Luke Evans.

Alfrid Photobomb... Classic
Alfrid Photobomb... Classic

This transition is easy to swallow because we have already seen Bard shoot arrows proficiently, and embody heroic morality in the last two movies of The Hobbit series. Plus, he killed a freaking Fire Drake from the North. That counts as like five thousand Chitauri. Hence, Luke Evans as Hawkeye.

Honorary Mention: Taylor Kitsch


In the comic books, Captain America was the unquestionable leader of the team. He inspired all with his unshakable morals, his unflinching bravery, and his willingness to sacrifice of himself for the good of others. He literally is the boy scout of Marvel heroes. For this role we need someone with high morals, classic American looks, and a love for the role he is playing. The person I found who fits this criteria is Zachary Levi.

Props Included.
Props Included.

While he has been known for doing more comedic roles, Levi has that lovable innocence and unquestionable morality that makes him perfect for the role. He starred in the show Chuck, showing he has the ability to execute hand to hand combat. But what I really take away from the show is Chuck always did what hew knew was right, despite what it cost. And bonus, he is an avid comic nerd, meaning he would do everything to bring justice to the character (Pun intended)

Honorable Mention: Matthew Lewis


Black Widow is a bit of an enigma. She is a character with a dark past, who never seems to be entirely truthful about anything. I feel that Marvel is kind of using her as a wild card, and I could see her story line going in a number of directions. She needs to be secretive, she needs to be kind of intimidating, incredibly seductive, and she needs to be able to defend herself. My choice for Black Widow is Yvonne Strahovski.

Yes, I know. Two Chuck characters back to back? Must be some sort of bias coming through. Well, hear me out before casting judgment. Sarah (Yvonne) in Chuck is the epitome of an intimidating woman. She is smart, calculated, willing to stretch morally to accomplish what she needs to. She handles guns well, and has exhibited the ability to shoot fight scenes. Plus, let's be honest, she would wear that suit remarkably well. The added bonus is her tremendous on-screen chemistry with, you guessed it, Zachary Levi. They are a hot item in Chuck, and have a very convincing relationship. In the comics, Black Widow ends up marrying Cap, and the movies seem to be hinting towards a possible relationship. As you can see, this fits on a number of levels.

Honorable Mention: Caity Lotz


I decided to take a more conventional approach to casting Nick Fury. Instead of replacing Samuel L. Jackson with another African American, I went back to the original Nick Fury. This man is a leader, he is terrifying, and not afraid to get his hands dirty. He is also always one step ahead, and has prior experience as a soldier. For this part, I chose Manu Bennett.

Most of you will know him from Arrow, where he does a wonderfully terrifying job portraying Slade Wilson. He is remarkably intimidating, commands respect, and has a certain gravitas on screen. He is one of the few actors with enough presence to legitimately seem like he could command a team of superheroes. Plus, his accent is downright awesome.

Honorable Mention: Idris Elba


I wasn't quite ready to be done with this, so I took the liberty of recasting people I felt could possibly be in the Avengers in the future. For the sake of your time, I will not explain my choices. Just trust blindly.

Dr. Strange: Mark Strong

The Vision: Michael Fassbender

Captain Marvel: Katie Cassidy

Quicksilver: Sam Claflin

Scarlet Witch: Aubrey Plaza

Black Panther: Sinqua Walls

Ant Man: Eddie Redmayne

Spiderman (Miles Morales): Donald Glover

Bonus points for using a moviepilot pic?
Bonus points for using a moviepilot pic?

That's all folks. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it! This gif accurately sums up my feelings for you, the reader.


How did you fell about these choices?


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