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Healing factor


Adamantium-plated skeletal structure and retractable claws

should be added as he has outstanding powers Abilities :

Superhuman strength, speed, hearing, longevity, stamina, and intelligence


Heat Vision


Freezing breath

Multiple extrasensory and vision powers not limited to but including X-ray vision

Healing factor

for his Abilities: Telepathy



Enhanced physical attributes

Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant

x or jean grey abilities:

Genius-level intellect



Mind reading and control

Memory alteration and erasure

Mental bolts

Psionic blasts

Induced paralysis

Illusion casting

Great tactician and strategist

Astral projection

Eidetic memory

# gambit Abilities : Excellent hand to hand combatant

Extensively trained martial artist

Skilled card-thrower

Superhuman physical attributes

Potential/kinetic energy control and manipulation

Hypnotic charm

Ability to create static


Transmutation of substances into acid or poison

Ability to foresee future events via tarot reading in playing cards

These marvel heroes should be added with the others because of their special powers.

but i wanted a movie in which there are almost all marvel heroes with all vilians who are stronger then the heroes. but when these heroes unite and come together the defeat the vilians. i know this would be messy but i always wanted a movie like this. i would be waiting for the results. and i m very much excited for ur new movie "avengers 2". i would be delightful if such s movie as i told is possible to make. i challenge you this type of movie can change the future of upcoming movie and will be worshipped in future.

also i wanted to say ur movies are the best as well as ur characters.

if i could get a chance to be a part of ur movie i will definitely accept it as acting in a movie like such is one of my dreams ,to save the world ,fight with villians etc..

thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!! love marvel heroes <3 ;*

and sry if there is any mistakes...............!


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