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Man, the nostalgia bug must really be going around because there's been a lot of talk this week about old school animation within the Moviepilot community. I tell ya', I can talk about cartoons and Disney/Pixar films all day everyday, and we should! But for this weeks Throw Back Thursday spotlight I'd like to share my love for a show that made me go outside just as much as it kept my eyes glued to the telly. That's right, I'm talking about the awesomeness that is Rocket Power - COWABUNGA!

If you watched the show then you know what it's all about, four friends who spent their days shredding waves, doing extreme sports and getting into shenanigans. I loved this show because it reminded me a lot of my own life in many ways. I had crazy curly hair, lived in California close to the water and loved tacos, skateboarding, riding mountain bikes and causing mischief with my pals!

At the height of the shows' popularity I was living in the East Bay, Richmond to be exact. There, I had a three good friends who were probably bigger fans of the show than I was. I like to think we watched Rocket Power all loved how free, spontaneous and athletically gifted the characters were. They were our role models at that age. So what did we do? We took on their slang, mannerisms and even their names.


You read me right! In our crew I was Otto (cause of the hair), my friend Jessica was Reggie (they were both tall), my cousin Rio was Twister (they both always wore hats), and my buddy Amir was Squid (the brains of the crew). We all shared similarities with the main cast, and we wanted to emulate their awesomeness however we could! Just like the four friends on the show, we would call outsiders 'shoobies' (equivalent of a kook), perform the secret handshake, and even hold regular 'neighbourhood olympics'. That's right, we'd get together once every 6 months of so and put all of our roller blade, skateboard and trampoline skills to the test. We would have to go through circuits, multiple rounds and have our parents score all of our tricks! I promise you guys, this really happened. One day, while we were having our 'Olympic Trials' I thought I'd pull out all the tricks, and try to go over the top to get the gold and catch the eyes of my crush at the time.

Long story short, I didn't land the trick. A rock got stuck in between my wheels and I went flying into the concrete superman style, breaking my left arm. Needless to say, I didn't get the girl either. I spent the next several weeks in a cast, eating Cheeto Puffs, playing NBA Street on Gamecube and of course, watching my favorite shows; life was still good. Looking back on those days like the old man that I am, I'm happy I had shows and characters whom inspired me to go outside and be active, get creative, and break a limb here and there. As long as I live, Rocket Power, and other shows of that golden era for cartoons will hold a special place in my heart [insert feels here].

What about you guys? What were some of the animated shows that you would credit as being 'influential' during your younger years?

Thanks for reading my story guys, I can't wait to read yours! Have an awesome weekend Moviepiloters!! Cheers.


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