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[Spoiler Alert] Please stop reading if you do not want to read MASSIVE spoilers concerning past and future episodes of The Flash!

During the final moments of "Out of Time," Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) introduced himself to Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) as Eobard Thawne. Thawne revealed that he's nothing but a lost soul trying to get home, and would not let anything stand in the way of his goal. Thawne then killed Cisco by vibrating his arm at super speed, thrusting it into Cisco's chest and scrambling his heart.

Flash producer Andrew Kreisberg explained to reporters that Thawne isn't necessarily evil. When talking about the heart wrenching scene between Thawne and Cisco, Kreisberg says, "Bad people can love other people. Bad people are capable of love. This is the truth, there’s nothing that he said in that scene to Cisco that isn’t the truth. He’s sorry he found out, he’s sorry it has to happen, but it does have to happen."

The CW
The CW

Seeing that Thawne is willing to kill those closest to him puts those around him in grave danger. No one is safe from Thawne, and Detective Joe West (Jesse Martin) will learn firsthand to not meddle with Thawne's affairs.

With Simon Stagg's disappearance getting attention from Central City Picture News' Mason Bridge (Roger Howarth), viewers can expect Joe to lend a hand, which will place him at odds with Thawne. This is possibly why Joe will find himself in Grodd's lair. Thawne has been shown to take those that get in his way to Grodd, much like he did with General Eiling (Clancy Brown).

The CW
The CW

It also doesn't help Joe that Grodd isn't too fond of Barry (Grant Gustin). Entertainment Weekly reports the following concerning Grodd role in an upcoming episode:

You know who else isn’t too happy with Barry Allen? Grodd, the hyper-intelligent telepathic gorilla who will face-off with not just Barry, but also Joe in an upcoming episode. “He’s coming back and he’s mad,” Kreisberg teases.

It's possible that Thawne has been messing with Grodd's head, and blaming Barry for the confusion that Grodd must be going through. Whatever the reason, viewers can expect Grodd's rage to be epic.

Are you excited for the brawl between The Flash and Grodd? Do you think Joe will survive his encounter with Grodd? Why do you think Grodd isn't happy with Barry? Let us know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.


Who will win this massive showdown?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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