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Hey guys I decided I will do another post for Digimon. This time I'll be looking at Gatomon. And had a theory as to what her metal theme song would be. With her dark history I thought it would be appropriate for her to have a metal based theme. What's she's dealt with is a lot. There is pain and suffering associated with her back story. The first song that came to mind is this:

This song deals with affliction and what the person did to them. So I applied it as she had suffered much abuse from Myotismon which caused her to feel like she had no escape. Her eyes became her entire back story:

Angered Gatomon
Angered Gatomon

Filled with hate and vengeance, it took words of wisdom from Wizardmon and Kari's compassion as well. Another song I feel can suit her is this:

Drea's Justified, here I interpret that Gatomon knew she had done by things but only did so to survive and that all her actions were Justified. I can image an action sequence also going with both songs which would also fit Gatomon as well. There are most likely a lot more songs that could also fit Gatomon. These are the two I can find so far. What do you guys think Gatomon's theme should be?


What do you guys think Gatomon's metal based theme should be?


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