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That's right guys and gals Arrow is back a break which means I'm back with my weekly reviews for both The Flash and Arrow. If you want to see my opinions on the last handful of episodes go ahead and check out my Moviepilot Profile to catch up.

Here's my full Video Review on the episode:

Thanks for watching and if you didn't please do! Let's carry on with my written review with the Top 5 Moments from Arrow season 3 episode 16 "The Offer"

5. Captain Lance has no story

Captain Lance has always been an interesting character on the show. I've really enjoyed ever since he aligned himself with Arrow to clean up the streets of Starling City. Unfortunately, as far as season 3 goes what has he been up to? Not a whole lot!

Lance is now angry with the Arrow again because he kept the secret about his daughter Sara's death. I've hated that storyline all season because we are 15 episodes AFTER her death and we are still acting like it was yesterday. The writers need to come up with a better story for Lance and fast before the only interesting that can happen for him is that he is killed off.

4. Thea and Roy back together?

After teasing it here and there all season we finally get to see Thea seemingly get back together with Roy. About time. I always thought that her reasons for dumping Roy were pretty dumb. Yeah, he did lie but she acted like he was as bad as her mother knowing about the Undertaking or something.

Remember when Oliver told Thea he was the Arrow? She was happy and hugged him. When Roy told her he was Arsenal? She didn't really care. They deserve to be together. He's the rock for her that Oliver can't always be.

3. Nyssa and Laurel buddies?

We saw in episode 15 that Laurel and Nyssa bonded over missing Sara. Now, this week Nyssa sees that Laurel is a strong woman like her sister and seems to have offered to train her? I hope so. A lot of fans (me included) have not been a fan of Laurel having NO TRAINING and running around like she's a hero.

I'm sorry but that boxer dude doesn't count. I hope Nyssa transforms Laurel into the real Black Canary we all want to see ever since Sara was killed.

2. The Lazarus Pit is real

Comic book fans have known about this and what it means to Ra's for awhile. This is a pool sort of like a fountain of youth that has kept Ra's alive for hundreds of years and has healed wounds instantly. Why this is exciting is because this has Arrow as a show dipping more into magical side of things.

The Flash has had superpowers cross over with Arrow but for the most part Arrow was always the grounded more realistic show. Now, we will hopefully see more magical and comic book like fantastical elements come in.

1. Ra's Al Ghul vs. Oliver Queen

After their intense battle on the snow mountain top, we were wondering when Oliver would square off against Ra's again. Oliver turns down Ra's offer to take his place as the leader of the League of Assassins and Ra's did not take it well. We saw this in the final scene as Ra's kills men dressed as The Arrow and tells one of the survivors to tell everyone what the Arrow did.

I hope this means that the rest of the season will consist of more mind games and trickery leading up to a battle between the two again. Will this last just for the rest of this season or will Ra's Al Ghul be around until next season?

What did you guys think? Will Ra's and Oliver battle in the season finale or is this going to be a long story that will span another season?


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