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So with the amazing news given earlier this year, that the fan-favourite SPIDER-MAN will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the events of 'Captain America 3: Civil War' (2016), we haven't got much else to go on as of yet. This particularly regards the direction in which Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures want to go with the character this time round, but this gives us impeccable fan-boys and girls free reign over speculation and suggestions, and there's nothing quite like the thought that you could possibly (a very small chance but still...) influence the movie iterations of your favourite comics!

What we do know concerning the character, is that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have decided that they DO NOT want to reintroduce our favourite web-slinger with another origin story (which is a great relief) - instead we will be shown a young, yet "already seasoned in the arts of heroism" Spidey, already having fought villains and suffered losses.

These factors give us the chance to dive head-first into some great, later stories, and really get this new iteration comfortable in the MCU without any messing around, and so without further ado, I believe that the prime antagonist for Spider-Man's first MCU solo feature should be....


That's right, Marvel's own original anti-hero/assassin!

Now by this point in time, I would hope that we've all seen the movies spanning from Sam Raimi's AND Marc Webb's movie versions of the Spider-Man character, and from these we've seen multitudes of colourful members of his rogues gallery - from the symbiotic alien Venom, to the shocking Electro (see what I did there), but is it time to add some realistic darkness to contrast Spider-Man's vibrant appeal and colour? I think so, and with many Marvel fans begging for our favourite on-call killer to be brought back to the big-screen in some way or another, I think there is no better opportunity to reintroduce Punisher!

Obviously this character will be worked into a more heroic role from ensuing events when the time comes, and hopefully will have a movie of his own some day! This being said, what some people don't know is that his first appearance came with a not-so-heroic approach from the pages of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' issue 129, having been hired by The Jackal to have the web-slinger taken out of the picture, but by the end of the story (due to Jackal attempting to use, then frame him for his own desires), Castle goes back on the deal and gives Spider-Man a break, and makes Jackal one of his own foes.

Going back to Spider-Man already having experience when inevitably being introduced into MCU'S own franchise, this story-arc could fall very nicely into the area. Punisher would easily rival Spider-Man's already practiced abilities with his exceptional skills and strategic knowledge, and would prove to be a worthy adversary for him - and maybe The Jackal's involvement behind the scenes could influence a future for the rest of the franchise, and/or the MCU, because with him being the culprit for the iconic "Clone-Saga", he could turn out to be a major villain!

A good synopsis for MCU's Spider-Man Movie could be that we get an introduction into the present life of Peter Parker (which tells us who he's defeated, where he is now etc...), whilst running along side us meeting the Punisher discussing the wall-crawler with, who is later revealed to be Miles Warren (AKA The Jackal). This leads to fights and confrontations as The Punisher pursues Spider-Man whilst the web-head is simultaneously investigating Warren throughout the film!

This could all lead on to the big reveal and betrayal of The Jackal, leaving Spider-Man and Punisher leaving - not as friends, but not enemies either, which could set a plot for possible movies to come!


.....since the MCU's movie slate exploded recently, many many people have begged for Frank Castle to be integrated into the Marvel film Universe somehow, and there is a great article supporting a theory that he could already be in Marvel Television! You should definitely go and check out the great article by fellow creator Micah James Nebeker titled; 'Is The Punisher Already In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?' down bellow, it creates some great points for those of you who watch 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' and are fans of The Punisher!,manual

Thank you so much for reading my Spider-speculation, it's appreciated as always, and don't hold back on debating in the comments! See you around!


Do you think Frank Castle should join Spider-Man in the MCU's first solo Spider-Man movie?


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