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Just so I can get this out of the way, I'm a geek. But aren't we all? We obsess over fictional characters, we 'feel', we can hideaway and watch marathons, but the best part about it, is that we are proud. We all show our love in many ways, but for me I show it through art.

Art is a beautiful way for showing emotion or showing others the way we feel about things. I enjoy especially creating fan art. If you are unfamiliar with fan art, or dislike it, it's fine with me. I think it's just a way of showing your ideas and why you love the shows, movies, books, or characters you admire.

I started to really get into fan art when I developed my first DeviantArt page. I still use it to this day and I enjoy getting feedback about my sketches and paintings. Whoever is interested can check out my gallery-->

All of the featured images are works of art I made throughout the past years. I'm still a student so I'm continuing to progress and work through advice. I love my fans and all my followers, if you show love, I'll send it right back!

For the beginners out there, I know how you feel! Don't be overwhelmed about sharing your creations or works. Believe me, I'm still a beginner as well. By letting the world know what you can do, you build stronger and become a better artist for the future ahead. Send me your fan art so we can improve and touch base with each other!


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