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So...the Green Lantern reboot?

I've been thinking recently about the road(s) the DCCU might take plot line and character-development wise. While at first my mind wandered for a bit, going over situations in which Ezra Miller would star in a Flash-point story or Aqua-man dueling with Ocean-master, after some time, I began concerning myself with the question of what was to come of the Green Lantern. How would the DCCU learn from the mistakes of Green Lantern (2011), and would my favorite lantern, Hal Jordan, make a return?

WHHHAAAAAA? Yeah, sure....maybe....
WHHHAAAAAA? Yeah, sure....maybe....

When exploring the numerous possibilities the DCCU has to combat Marvel's somewhat overwhelming cinematic strides, I examined the timeline by which the Justice League movies would arrive on. While most characters with later dated stand-alone films, such as Cyborg, had at least been cast and hinted to be introduced in sooner films, the Green Lantern has remained practically under the radar throughout every Easter-egg , poster, and costume reveal. While Marvel had already acknowledged the idea of a phase 3 finale that ended with something between the Infinity Gauntlet and Inhumanity, and even made reveals that even hinted as to what might come of the MCU after Inhumans, DC gave into nothing. But while noticing that the Green Lantern movie would arrive later than Justice League: Part 2, I realized that maybe the DCCU was planning something bigger than I had even thought would be possible. This is Blackest Night.


What is the Blackest Night?

The Blackest Night story line for anyone who hasn't read it, is a comic event that follows the Green Lantern Corps fighting Nekron, a death force that uses the power of resurrection to bring back dead heroes and villains to rid the world of life. His army is called the Black Lantern Corps.

Was the DCCU supposed to begin with the Green Lantern?

The reasons why I believe that the DCCU would go through with this idea firstly begins with the fact of how the DCCU even began. Green Lantern (2011), which introduced Sinestro and Parallax, as well as the Yellow Lantern Corps, I believe was the first attempt from DC to create a cinematic universe that countered Marvel, as well as introducing the Cosmic side of the comic universe to open the door some of the Justice Leagues greatest stories. In starting the DCCU with Green Lantern, DC would be able to introduce the multiple power rings as well as a cinematic universe in which aliens, including Kryptonians, would exist.

So What Happened?

When Green Lantern failed, the DCCU resorted to their next cosmic hero: Kal El. I think Man of Steel functioned the same way, but because the DCCU could not introduce the Green Lantern right after having the Ryan Reynolds film, this might have been the reason that Superman had encountered the plot, pacing, and character-development issues that it did. The timeline of the DCCU could've completely shifted, paying more attention to Superman, who'd already had many movies before Man of Steel, instead of Green Lantern.

Green Lantern is the last movie of the DCCU timeline...not Justice League?

The fact however, that Green Lantern is the last movie being released in the DCCU to me, and that it was supposed to be the first, points to the character of the Green Lantern being the most essential to the Justice League plot. I don't necessarily think the Green Lantern solo film is the last on the DCCU timeline because of the failed 2011 attempt alone, and not necessarily to change their vision for the character, but to give fans more time to grow into the cinematic universe through a more mainstream character. If the DCCU tries to introduce the Multi-verse through Flash, and other Alien/Magical races through Superman and Shazam, the power rings/multiple lantern corps idea could still come into play, leading me to believe that Green Lantern could be introduced in the Justice League movies or earlier in order to make his solo film more or less a cross-over Justice League movie that would conclude the currently formatted DCCU with the Blackest Night story-line. This would also be an important plot for the film because all of the villains the Justice League has already fought, as well as the heroes that might have died between Batman v. Superman and Cyborg. It would be an amazing finale to incorporate all the Justice League characters and events into the story of Hal Jordan saving the universe from the War of Light.

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