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If you haven't seen my first post about Cap's shield being upgraded, I highly recommend you check it out.

Well this is kind of an addition to that. Well the new TV Spot For Avengers 2: Age of Ultron that came out kind of confirmed my suspicions,

Well, there it is. Here's some screenshots from the above video, with what i'm talking about.

Now that was awesome.
Now that was awesome.

So Captain America can now call his shield back to him, without having to pick it up. This is obviously an extremely useful upgrade, especially with the situation they're all in. He can now throw his shield wherever he wants, doesn't have to worry about it getting lost either. But don't worry, this doesn't mean he won't still bounce it off walls back to him, I'm very sure he will still use a bit of that skill. It's kind of cool, cause it's just like how Thor can call his hammer Mjolnir back to him, Cap can now do the same with his Shield. I remember thinking about an Idea like this years ago and it's amazing to see it actually happened. By the way, this was obviously an idea by Tony Stark.

Now if you haven't already done so, as I said, I highly recommend you check out my first post about Cap's shield, where I spoke about the shield having no leather handles anymore, and where he has magnets on his arms now in a lot more detail.

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