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Delisa Elizabeth

‘The Family’ to me felt like a movie that I have seen one hundred times.

Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro star as a mob family hiding in the witness protection program in France with their two kids.

I’m going to be completely honest, I had this movie in my list for months on Netflix and attempted to watch it three different times. The first time, I turned it off after 10 minutes of watching it. The second time, 5 minutes into watching it. I guess the third time is the charm because I actually sat down and watched the whole movie.

The movie starts off slow and when I mean slow I mean eyes low nap time slow. When we finally get to the middle of the movie, it finally picks up (finally).
Overall the movie had its high and low points, at times it was a little comical, other times I felt like I was watching ‘Anger Management’ because Robert De Niro was always angry and screaming.

Definitely see the movie once and only once because that is enough for anyone.

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