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Jim Parsons (better known as Sheldon Cooper on CBS's The Big Bang Theory) recently spoke with MTV news while on a press tour for his upcoming film, Home. He was asked a series of questions, then asked "Would you ever want to play a superhero?"

Parsons responded,

“I would love to play a superhero in a movie. I would like to be a villain. And…I would really like to play The Riddler. I don’t feel they’re using the Riddler very much, are they?”

To answer that question, yes. The Riddler (Edward Nygma) is currently being played by Cory Michael Smith on Fox's Gotham. However, we haven't seen a cinematic portrayal of The Riddler since Jim Carrey's performance in Batman Forever (1995).

Jim Carrey Wants In!

Last December, Carrey was interviewed by MTV for his press tour for Dumb And Dumber To and admitted that he would love to reprise the role of The Riddler in the new DC Cinematic Universe and would want to work with Christopher Nolan again.

Riddle me this!

Both Parsons and Carrey would love to play The Riddler. Who do you think would make the better Riddler, Parsons or Carrey? Take the poll below! Do you have someone else in mind? Comment below!


Who would make a better Riddler?


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