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The action adventure game "Infamous" has long been up for debate about whether or not it should be a live-action movie. So far there have been multiple videogame adaptations and many more are on the way. There have been rumors about an Infamous movie but there hasn't really been any movement on the project. Infamous is another highly praised game that has been applauded for its game-play and story. If Infamous did get the big screen treatment it would be considered a different kind of action adventure film that also raises some interesting questions about existentialism and the freedom of choice.

here's what you should know about the game:

The central character in the story is Cole McGrath, a bike messenger in Empire City who wakes up at the center of a vast explosion and discovers that he has strange electrical powers. Having gained these abilities thanks to a device known as the Ray Sphere – an explosive weapon that harvests the energy of everyone it kills in its blast radius and confers it onto one individual – Cole then attempts to track down Kessler, the mastermind behind the explosion.

Infamous is ripe for an adaptation since it is very free spirited in its game-play, players can decide what actions the protagonist takes which would help form his moral compass or sense of right and wrong, all of this fits into the Karma-scale aspect of the game. This creates a very interesting story for the movie since Cole could become an outlaw or a hero at the end of the film, or he could simply play a bit on both sides and become a vigilante. Most of the game he is trying to track down someone named Kessler who was responsible for giving him his powers even though he has no moral or legal obligation to do so. The possibilities for this kind of film are almost endless since the story could go just about anywhere.


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